• Reconfigured eight TCAIMS computers, restoring workcenter productivity within a span of fewer than 24 hours.
  • Despite being involved in CQ, CQ recovery, and mandatory training, successfully troubleshooted two VSATs and completed numerous work orders throughout the week.
  • Deployed, administered, and maintained a diverse range of mission-critical information systems, playing a pivotal role in establishing command structures.
  • Enhanced the capacity of multiple supported elements, enabling the successful execution of any assigned mission.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership as a relentless and supportive NCO, motivating and guiding all soldiers under their command to excel professionally and personally.
  • Served with distinction in the TF 3-101 SASMO Technician Shop, where their outstanding performance and unwavering dedication significantly contributed to the success of PRT Khost.
  • Provided vital assistance to Provincial Reconstruction Team Khost by resolving communication errors on over 20 occasions, ensuring mission-critical communications requirements were met.
  • Displaying a strong focus on metrics, their meticulous attention to detail resulted in the timely submission of 99% of the PRT’s SPO maintenance Daily Inoperable and Monthly AMSS reports, SSA order tracking, and Recon Document Validations.
  • Maintained the security of COMSEC keys by properly destroying them, thereby upholding a high level of security in a challenging deployed environment.
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