SAMS-E Clerk

  • Identified missing data and updated over 180 services and 14 major equipment items, ensuring records were current and complete.
  • Addressed issues arising from the transition to the Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) across the Combined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A).
  • Completed 180 Left Behind equipment packets for the unit’s rolling stock and equipment, facilitating reuse and increasing readiness.
  • Identified and recorded 100% of equipment deficiencies before Left Behind Equipment Induction, streamlining repair and distribution processes.
  • Conducted monthly PBUSE to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched, leading the Support Battalion in consistent error-free reporting.
  • Ensured all class IX parts were ordered and all faults identified and updated in a timely manner.
  • Supported Alpha Company Medical Maintenance program by initiating SAMS1E operations.
  • Produced the most accurate Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) reports in the Battalion, achieving a 100% match between SAMS-1E and PBUSE.
  • Ordered class II, IV, and IX supply items as the primary operator for the SAMS-E, assisting the Property Book Officer (PBO) in turning over TPE (Table of Property and Equipment) items during a Transfer of Authority (TOA).
  • Maintained necessary parts to keep rolling stock at a high readiness state as the SAMS-E clerk.
  • Identified and resolved software errors that could have affected motor pool operations and mission readiness.
  • Ordered all required class IV supply items while serving as an operator for the SAMS-E.
  • Ensured 4th Sustainment Brigade’s equipment was completely inventoried and ready for turn-in to Left Behind Equipment Induction.
  • Completed 180 Left Behind equipment packets on the unit’s rolling stock and equipment, achieving 100% identification of equipment deficiencies before Left Behind Equipment Induction.
  • Ordered over $200,000 worth of necessary spare parts, contributing to maintenance readiness and mission success.

SAMS-E Operator

  • Recognized as the most diligent and accurate SAMS-E operator in the Battalion, consistently providing reports that are 100% complete and accurate.
  • Served as the primary operator for the SAMS-E, ordering all required class II, IV, and IX supply items.
  • Identified duplication of readiness materials stocked and consolidated them, resulting in a 10% reduction in the maintenance budget.
  • Provided service and support to over 90 SAMS-E customers, ensuring fully operational capabilities and mission success.
  • Assisted the PBO in turning over TPE items during a TOA, and received praise for accuracy from the new PBO.
  • Turned in $2,000,000 worth of excess class IX parts, reclaiming flexibility in the maintenance budget.
  • Assigned as the primary operator for the SAMS-E based on proven experience.
  • Maintained the Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) with a 100% equipment correlation between SAMS-1E and PBUSE.

Maintenance Control

  • Identified a trend in equipment faults and traced it to an error in the Technical Manual (TM) procedure. Revised the maintenance procedure, resulting in savings of $20,000 per year in parts.
  • Updated over 400 driver’s license records in the SAMS-E, which was crucial for ensuring on-time departures to Kuwait.
  • Reorganized a battalion-sized SAMS-1 stockage listing and connex, providing new and accurate locations of equipment valued at over $500,000, improving accessibility.
  • Coached 7 officers and one senior NCO on the use of major logistic and personnel platforms, including PBUSE, SAMS-E, and LOGSA.
  • Guided the phased transition from Unit Level Logistic System – Ground (ULLS-G) to the Standard Army Maintenance System – IE (SAMS-1E) Maintenance Supply system.
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