• Assisted the ISO (Installation Safety Officer) with the development, management, and implementation of Army Risk Management and Army Accident Prevention, leading to improved safety training procedures within the Directorate.
  • Educated and updated officers and enlisted personnel on OSHA and safety regulations according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), significantly contributing to the improvement of the DES’s Safety Culture.
  • Executed the Brigade’s safety training program, overseeing the safety education of 5,000 Soldiers and annually educating 2,500 members, resulting in a 15% reduction in yearly mishap rates.
  • Conducted evaluations of all Battalion work areas, identifying risks to equipment and personnel, and submitting hazard reports to eliminate risks.
  • Planned, organized, and directed the Battalion Safety Program, involving 3,000 personnel and 3 subordinate units, leading to increased awareness and adherence to safety policies.
  • Enforced high safety standards, achieving over 30,000 accident-free miles during Combat Logistics Patrols.
  • Led a risk assessment for a $2,000,000 construction project, identifying and eliminating 11 hazards, ensuring safe and compliant operations for 70 personnel.
  • Resolved an OSHA violation at a motor pool facility, expediting a fast 14-day resolution and preventing $50,000 in fines.
  • Identified a fall protection program deficiency in the Area of Responsibility (AOR), authored a new training guide, and mitigated mishap risks for 1,400 deployed members.
  • Briefed drivers supporting Combat Logistic Patrols on expected conduct, safety, and convoy mission risks, resulting in incident-free deliveries.
  • Managed safety for Forces Command’s largest division, effectively balancing a $1.2 million budget and reducing non-compliance by 50%.
  • Received the Battalion Safety NCO Award for consistent and meticulous attention to safety details during training exercises.
  • Advised the Commander in the development and implementation of weapons/ground mishap prevention programs, protecting 3,000 Soldiers.
  • Oversaw all mishap investigations, unit annual and spot inspections, and Battalion-level safety education and training.
  • Revitalized the Safety Inspection Program, conducting 88 inspections and correcting 23 hazards, leading to the receipt of the Army Exceptional Organization Safety Award in 2017.
  • Ensured the safety of friendly troops and clearance of impact areas as the observer for five calibration fire missions, achieving safe calibration for all lots.
  • Evaluated loading operations during a tactical nuclear exercise, confirming safe, secure, and reliable operations, meeting all Division objectives.
  • Conducted 35 spot inspections, addressing two serious deficiencies and mitigating risks for 400 soldiers and 17 support aircraft.
  • Conducted safety inspections and assessments of post facilities and operations, preparing thorough evaluation reports and recommendations.
  • Consolidated mishap data, identified trends, and recommended corrective actions to reverse negative trends, identifying previously overlooked hazards.
  • Investigated mishaps to identify critical factors and recommend corrective measures to prevent recurrence.
  • Performed risk analysis for three coalition organizations, mitigating 76 explosive safety violations and developing improved storage access.
  • Demonstrated constant concern for student and cadre safety during courses by monitoring work/rest cycles and implementing composite risk management.
  • Emphasized safety and enforced adherence to shop safety procedures, resulting in zero safety accidents or incidents.
  • As the Squadron’s Safety Officer, ensured the safe qualification and operation of equipment, vehicles, and weapons, significantly enhancing unit combat readiness.
  • Inspected all workspaces, ensuring required fire safety and safety boards were present.
  • Identified the lack of RF Safety OI (Operating Instruction) and procedures, developed instructions, marked hazards, and ensured the safety of technicians.
  • Demonstrated tireless devotion to the safety and well-being of Soldiers, utilizing composite risk management in all aspects of squad duties.
  • Conducted tough and realistic training in a stressful field environment for 70 Soldiers without serious accidents or injuries, emphasizing Warrior safety.
  • Enforced strict infection control and safety standards, preventing any reportable infections or safety incidents.
  • Ensured company compliance with OSHA, HAZMAT, and safety regulations.
  • Implemented a safety program and enforcement measures that resulted in accident-free training.
  • Instilled safety consciousness, responsibility, and integrity in Soldiers.
  • Ensured range safety by monitoring safety protocols, clearing weapon malfunctions, and assisting shooters with their technique.
  • Maintained safety for over 28 civilians and six German Soldiers during a four-day range week, resulting in zero safety issues or concerns.
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