Assistant S4

The Assistant S4 plays a crucial role in managing the property accountability and coordinating the supply activity of five troops within the squadron. They assist in overseeing the squadron’s use of the Government Purchase Card, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and proper record-keeping. Additionally, they supervise the squadron’s use and collection of informal funds and MWR funds, ensuring accountability and transparency. The Assistant S4 also assists in administering the unit’s yearly fiscal budget, aligning it with the brigade’s spending plan. In a tactical environment during reconnaissance and security operations, they plan and synchronize the logistical enterprise to support the troops’ sustainment requirements. Their efforts contribute to the overall readiness and operational effectiveness of the squadron.


As the Senior Supply Sergeant (S4 NCOIC), this role is responsible for supply chain management within the squadron. They supervise and manage the supply sergeants at both the HHT and troop level, ensuring proper documentation and recording of all property transactions. They collaborate with the Property Book Officer (PBO) to maintain accurate records in the GCSS-Army system. The S4 NCOIC provides logistical expertise and advice to the command, assisting in decision-making related to logistics operations. They conduct Staff Assistance Visits to support the Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) and fulfill other logistics support functions as directed by higher command. Their role is critical in maintaining efficient and effective supply operations within the squadron.

S-4 Maintenance Management NCO

As the S-4 Maintenance Management NCO in a highly deployable Area Support Group, this position provides comprehensive maintenance and logistical support for four Battalions and nine companies. They are responsible for the health, welfare, and training of one soldier under their supervision. Their duties include processing and monitoring various financial aspects such as Financial Liability of Investigation Property Loss (FLIP), Government Travel and IMPACT VISA credit cards, and local purchases. Additionally, they conduct Command Inspections to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Their role contributes to maintaining operational readiness and supporting mission success through effective maintenance and logistical operations.

Detachment First Sergeant

The Detachment First Sergeant is responsible for providing base operations support to a remote site supported by the 614th Base Support Battalion. They oversee the coordination of billeting and logistical support for multiple tenant units on the installation, which serves a diverse population of DA civilians, contractors, local nationals, and assigned Army and Air Force military personnel. Their responsibilities also include the management of property valued at over $300 million, ensuring proper accountability and maintenance. The Detachment First Sergeant plays a vital role in sustaining operations and providing necessary support to various organizations within the installation.

Senior Logistics Advisor

In the role of S4 and Senior Logistics Advisor for an Iraqi Assistance Group Border Transition Team (BTT), this position provides broad logistical guidance and support for the transition of the Customs Security Battalion, Customs Police, Customs Inspectors, Passport Offices, and POE Directorate NCOs and Officers. They train Iraqi Logistics personnel at different levels, assisting them in planning and sustaining border security operations in a counter-insurgency environment. They also serve as a conduit for coalition logistical support, facilitating coordination between the BTT, Iraqi POE Staff, and other Iraqi Security Forces. The Senior Logistics Advisor is accountable for significant equipment and plays a crucial role in ensuring logistical readiness and support.

Logistics Advisor

As the Multifunctional Logistics Advisor for the Army’s first and only Iraqi Border Police (IBP) Brigade Border Transition Team (BTT), this role serves as an advisor and trainer to the Iraqi Brigade S4. They are responsible for developing and implementing the IBP Brigade’s Command Supply Discipline and Maintenance programs. Their coordination with higher Iraqi headquarters helps improve logistical efficiency. They monitor support provided in all supply classes to the IBP and serves as the Property Book Officer, responsible for the receipt, storage, issue, and maintenance of a wide range of military and civilian vehicles, arms and ammunition, and other equipment valued in excess of $2,000,000. The Logistics Advisor plays a critical role in enhancing the logistical capabilities and effectiveness of the Iraqi Border Police Brigade, ensuring proper supply management and maintenance practices are implemented.

Brigade Supply Sergeant

As the Brigade Supply Sergeant and Logistics NCOIC for the US Army’s Iraqi Border Police (IBP) Brigade Border Transition Team (BTT), this role provides guidance and training to the Iraqi Brigade Supply NCO and staff on crucial supply matters. They develop and implement the IBP Brigade’s Command Supply Discipline Program, focusing on maintaining accountability and efficiency in the receipt, storage, and issue of all IBP equipment, both military and civilian, valued at over $5.5M. Additionally, they serve as the Supply Sergeant for all internal team equipment, ensuring proper inventory management and readiness.

Brigade Motor Sergeant/Logistics NCO

The Brigade Motor Sergeant/Logistics NCO serves as a mentor, advisor, and trainer to the Iraqi Brigade Maintenance Officer within the US Army’s Iraqi Border Police (IBP) Brigade Border Transition Team (BTT). They are responsible for developing and implementing the Brigade’s maintenance program, ensuring the proper upkeep and functionality of over 70 military and civilian vehicles valued at over $2M. Additionally, they serve as the Motor Sergeant for all internal team equipment, overseeing maintenance operations and maintaining inventory control. Their expertise and guidance contribute to the overall operational readiness and effectiveness of the IBP Brigade.

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