• I diligently reviewed over 1,000 food and drug administration supply recalls, taking prompt and aggressive action to prevent any product and patient mishaps.
  • I distinguished myself as a Modern Army Combatives Assistant Instructor, contributing to the training and skill development of personnel.
  • During training at Pohakuloa Training Area, I successfully completed the Mount Mauna Kea march and reached the summit, showcasing my physical endurance and determination.
  • My dedication to the Army Combatives Program has resulted in a 100% graduation rate in two Level-1 combatives courses and one Level-2 combatives course.
  • I witnessed a significant increase of 200% in respiratory care cases in the ICU/ICW, as well as a 60% increase in pulmonary function tests during deployment.
  • I played a key role in setting up and re-validating the Squadron Aid Station, ensuring its readiness and functionality.
  • During annual training in July 2013, I performed duties beyond my pay grade, assuming the role of team leader and demonstrating leadership capabilities.
  • I successfully instructed numerous formal Combat Lifesaver Courses, with a pass rate of over 90% for Squadron personnel.
  • During an ROTC Land Navigation course, I assisted in triaging and treating 40 cadets and evacuating 7 patients to higher-level care when necessary.
  • I conducted impromptu medical trauma training during ranges, significantly improving readiness and preparedness among personnel.
  • My eagerness to learn and excel in my position motivated and inspired my team members during annual training.
  • I provided valuable assistance to the Platoon Line Medic, effectively tracking the medical readiness of 100 troopers and ensuring their preparedness.
  • I meticulously planned, prepared, executed, and recovered from two major training objectives, which thoroughly tested the Tactical Operations Center of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT).
  • I delivered numerous medical and first-aid classes for C-Troop 3-4 CAV, sharing my expertise and knowledge with fellow soldiers.
  • My expertise, attention to detail, leadership skills, and training abilities played a critical role in the success of our unit and positioned us for subsequent missions.
  • I provided aid during the Reverse SRP (Soldier Readiness Processing), ensuring the medical readiness and tracking of 500 troopers returning from deployment.
  • I effectively tracked the readiness of over 300 troopers in preparation for deployment, ensuring they met the necessary medical requirements.
  • I treated and provided medical care for more than 120 patients during sick call operations, addressing their health needs.
  • I maintained 100% accountability for 8 Singars, 2 classified SKLs, and 5 Daggers, demonstrating exceptional responsibility and attention to detail.
  • As a track vehicle commander, I consistently maintained my vehicle above the standard, ensuring its mission readiness at all times.
  • I provided crucial medical coverage during the Reserve Officer Training Corps Land Navigation Course, ensuring the well-being of participants.
  • I served as the base point of contact for the pharmacy, effectively procuring items valued at over $500,000 annually.
  • I conducted extensive research, utilizing various databases, to fulfill over 200 new item requests, ensuring the best value determination.
  • I successfully managed the Medical Material Quality Assurance Program, ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulations.
  • I took the initiative to assume responsibility for 2nd platoon’s communication, effectively managing and maintaining their communication systems.
  • I displayed competence and confidence during a mass casualty simulation, ensuring exceptional care and treatment for all patients involved.
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