• Initiated 14 building repair/improvement projects in collaboration with the Department of Public Works, significantly improving the standard of living for Soldiers.
  • Ensured that the building was occupied at all times, regardless of circumstances, to maintain security.
  • Restored heat during one of the coldest winters on record and resolved a long-standing heater duct deficiency.
  • Established a working relationship with camp engineers to utilize their equipment for replacing warning lights that had been burned out for 3 years.
  • Created an emergency repair POC list accessible to anyone to facilitate emergency repairs in the absence of the building NCO.
  • Built walls, assembled furniture, and shelving units, resulting in cost savings of over $5,000 in contractor costs.
  • Replaced numerous fuse panel assemblies and repaired electrical wiring to accommodate camp expansion.
  • Conducted Battle Damage Assessments following a November attack and coordinated the necessary repairs.
  • Maintained 11 buildings around the clock, identifying and rectifying 20 discrepancies, preventing any failures during facility and fire safety inspections.
  • Submitted 120 work orders, preemptively identifying and managing issues to prevent the loss of office and living spaces.
  • Provided fail-safe storage of dozens of door codes and responded to 40 after-hours lockout calls.
  • Completed a 24-hour Army Contracting Office Representative Course, gaining the ability to oversee building modifications and resulting in a cost savings of $15,000 for the Army.
  • Coordinated daily escorts for maintenance contractors, drawing resources from all units to minimize the burden on Soldier residents.
  • Maintained room key issue logs and operated door lock programmers.
  • Facilitated 15 self-help projects, preserving the facility’s appearance and functionality while saving $50,000 in contractor labor.
  • Provided weekly status reports on Single Soldier housing statistics.
  • Donated over 100 after-duty hours to assist in moving the unaccompanied Single Soldier Housing Office to its new location.
  • Volunteered to assist in the administrative processing required for the redeployment of Task Force Odin soldiers.
  • Worked closely with the Chain of Command to ensure that all returning soldiers would have immediate access to adequate billeting upon arrival.
  • Conducted weekly safety and sanitation inspections, guaranteeing a safe living environment and passing 100% Public Health inspections.
  • Conducted daily preemptive inspections, ensuring system support and reliable mission generation.
  • Collaborated with the Chain of Command to create informative redeployment packets that streamlined barracks out-processing.
  • Improved the move-in inventory process to more accurately assist with the checkout process, reducing or preventing charges for damages not caused by occupants.
  • Identified several electrical wiring problems and arranged for repairs, preventing fires, destruction of critical equipment, and potential loss of life.
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