• Successfully accomplished more than 40 vehicle recovery missions with a perfect track record, ensuring no failures or further damage.
  • Served as the lead recovery operator, providing wrecker and maintenance support while mentoring four soldiers, playing a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the Maintenance Cell.
  • Assisted in over 50 recovery missions involving different varieties of 2-108 vehicles.
  • Cross-trained and provided assistance with unscheduled maintenance on tanks at the UMCP when not engaged in recovery missions.
  • Developed and implemented an innovative combination of land navigation and GPS skills to locate a missing vehicle during a platoon STX lane.
  • Displayed a strong focus on improving physical fitness, achieving a remarkable increase of over 30 points in his PT score.
  • Held the critical role of lead wrecker operator for the 211th Maintenance Company’s Maintenance sweep, ensuring 100% accountability and serviceability of all equipment at Camp Atterbury.
  • Led a 4-man recovery team in successfully recovering multiple vehicles during an FTX at Dillingham.
  • Maintained the M88A2 on a daily basis, ensuring readiness for the next mission.
  • Performed motor sergeant duties, overseeing the 100% readiness of all equipment, including 18 1151A1s.
  • Prioritized and dispatched teams to repair multiple vehicles, resulting in the successful recovery of 188 vehicles.
  • Provided vehicle recovery training to 79 soldiers, significantly multiplying mission capabilities.
  • Provided wrecker and maintenance support while mentoring five soldiers.
  • Recovered 14 inoperative vehicles during the 523D CTC Yakima Training exercise.
  • Immediately recovered over 30 vehicles upon breakdown, ensuring disabled vehicles had no effect on the unit’s mission.
  • Selected from the 1-38 FA Battalion to supervise the most difficult and complex recovery operations.
  • Served as a crew member on the M88A2 during 24 recovery missions involving tracked and wheeled vehicles.
  • Served as the lead mechanic for the 211th Maintenance Company’s Maintenance Cell, providing support to the 174th, 371st Brigade, 684th, PTAE, and the 211th during Annual Training at Camp Atterbury.
  • SGT Mixon’s meticulous attention to detail ensured the safety of soldiers and prevented further damage to disabled equipment during recovery operations.
  • Played a vital role in the day-to-day operational success of the maintenance cell.
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