Reconsider Bar to Reenlistment

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to appeal the bar to re-enlistment that has been initiated against me due to instances of lateness to the place of duty. I acknowledge my responsibility for being late on two separate occasions and would like to provide additional information regarding these incidents.

The first incident occurred when I was late to work due to a severe intestinal disorder and stomach cramps that unexpectedly confined me to the bathroom. It took approximately 15 minutes for me to fully recover, and as soon as I was able to leave the bathroom, I noticed a missed call from my team leader (SGT XXXXXXX) at 0605. I immediately returned his call to explain my situation, but he did not answer. I promptly drove to work and arrived at 0615. During the PT formation at 0630, I received counseling from my team leader, where I explained the situation to him. He advised me to notify them in advance if I ever anticipate being late in the future.

The second incident took place when I was unable to locate the designated building I was instructed to go to for RFI draw. I followed the address provided and used a map application on my phone, but it led me to the wrong location. I contacted PFC XXXXXXX to confirm the address, and upon receiving the same information, I re-entered it into the map app. However, it still directed me to the incorrect location. Realizing I was running late, I sought assistance from a Sergeant in the area, who informed me that the building was the last one before Gate 3. I drove to that building, arrived at its parking lot, and received a call from my Platoon Sergeant asking for my whereabouts. I informed him that I was in the parking lot, unaware at the time that it was the wrong one. In reality, I was at the Central Receiving Point/Consolidated Installation Property Book Office (CRF/CIPBC) Logistic Readiness Center in building 330. The miscommunication led my leadership to believe that I was being untruthful.

I have been counseled and advised by my leadership to take necessary precautions in such situations in the future. I commit to informing them well in advance if I anticipate being late, and I will conduct a thorough route reconnaissance when uncertain about the location of my place of duty. I deeply regret the aforementioned actions and sincerely request your reconsideration of the bar to my reenlistment.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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