• Conducted one CTC rotation to NTC, validating unit combat readiness and providing invaluable insight, tactical expertise, and technical knowledge to the complex mission set.
  • Led reconnaissance teams on multiple missions into enemy territory by ground and air, effectively locating and identifying high-value, non-mission capable equipment requiring retrograding.
  • Ensured the safe transport of more than $80,000 worth of sensitive equipment into the theater.
  • Scheduled and managed over 110 ATRRS applications, directly increasing the MOSQ, ASI, and NCOES levels under a sourced posture.
  • Provided mission analysis, Course of Action (COA) development, mission planning, and implementation of Battalion assets.
  • Played an instrumental role in the development of the headquarters TOC SOP, establishing the baseline for successful operations tracking within a combat arms unit.
  • Coordinated, planned, executed, and held final release authority for all new deployments in support of combat missions.
  • Implemented a methodical and disciplined approach to all suspense items and actions, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity.
  • Instructed High Altitude Mountainous Environmental Training at Fort Carson, Colorado, for the aviators in the company.
  • Provided immeasurable assistance in the successful recovery of a downed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operating out of Kandahar Airfield.
  • Located the downed UAV and salvaged Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) equipment, effectively preventing enemy interception or capture.
  • Guided the team across the Area of Responsibility (AOR) and assisted with vehicle movement operations, identifying key facilities during civil reconnaissance missions.
  • Trained Jordanian forces and fellow soldiers in CBRN operations as a part of the Reconnaissance and Surveillance platoon.
  • Assisted 6/9 Cavalry’s reconnaissance operations, enhancing their ability to identify the enemy, retain freedom of maneuver, and identify and react to chemical attacks.
  • Demonstrated competence by conducting a JCAD class during Sergeants Time Training.
  • Played a vital role in maintaining team communications and connectivity with Special Operations Command South (SOCSO).
  • Configured, tested, and repaired the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) JCR systems, enabling and sustaining critical tracking.
  • Successfully participated in the Estonian Defense League’s Pitka Reconnaissance Challenge, a competition covering over 90 miles of rough terrain, finishing in only three and a half days.
  • Acted as a Liaison Officer to the Combined Joint Operations Center, issuing 55 ISR Summaries that were disseminated throughout the theater.
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