Rear Detachment Platoon Sergeant Duty Descriptions

Rear Detachment Platoon Sergeant (15Y40)

As a Platoon Sergeant in a Battalion Rear Detachment, your role is vital in ensuring the well-being and operational readiness of the unit. You are responsible for the health, welfare, training, and professional development of six NCOs and 15 soldiers. Your duties include planning, coordinating, and supervising activities related to organization, training, and operations. You play a key role in recommending and administering plans and policies, setting priorities of work and organizational goals for assigned personnel, both in support of the forward-deployed element and the rear detachment, including their family members. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining supply economy and discipline for HHC 2-159th ARB Leave Behind Equipment (LBE), which is valued in excess of $3,400,000. Your leadership and management skills are essential in ensuring the success and readiness of the rear detachment platoon.

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Rear Detachment Sergeant Duty Descriptions

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