Rear Detachment Duty Descriptions

Company Rear Detachment NCOIC

As the Company Rear Detachment NCOIC, you assume a crucial role in overseeing the operations and well-being of a 90-man light headquarters company during a 9-12 month deployment. Your responsibilities encompass ensuring the safety, discipline, training, combat readiness, and morale of the 25 Soldiers assigned and attached personnel. Administrative actions, property management, and training preparation for operations fall under your purview as well. It is your duty to maintain Soldier readiness in all areas, ensuring they are prepared for deployment or their transition into civilian work.

Rear Detachment First Sergeant

In the capacity of a Rear Detachment First Sergeant for an Inland Cargo Transfer Company, you bear the responsibility of overseeing the safety, discipline, training, combat readiness, and morale of 65 Soldiers assigned and attached personnel. Your role extends to managing the orderly room, motor pool, and training room operations of the detachment. It is your duty to direct and coordinate training activities, ensuring the unit is fully prepared for deployment worldwide. As the First Sergeant, you advise the commander on all enlisted matters, including promotions, training, safety, discipline, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) actions, and combat readiness of the detachment.

Casualty Affairs NCOIC

As the Casualty Affairs NCOIC for the Regimental Casualty Affairs Cell (RCAC), you assume the responsibility of receiving, tracking, and coordinating DA-directed notifications for all killed in action, wounded in action, and non-battle injuries from the forward-deployed Regiment. You play a critical role in training and guiding the Regimental command group in the proper handling of DA notifications. Coordinating and arranging proper funeral arrangements with utmost dignity and respect for the Regiment’s fallen soldiers is also part of your duty. Additionally, you are responsible for the health, welfare, and discipline of three NCOs under your supervision.

Rear Detachment Sergeant Major

As the Rear Detachment Sergeant Major for a 940-man Combined Arms Battalion during a twelve-month deployment to Iraq, you assume the vital responsibility of supervising, ensuring accountability, and promoting the health and welfare of six Non-Commissioned Officer Cadre members and up to 110 Rear Detachment Soldiers. Your primary mission involves preparing and training soldiers for deployment, facilitating the separation of soldiers from the Army through the Chapter Process, and supporting wounded veterans in their healing and return to their assigned units. Simultaneously, you provide assistance to family members of deployed soldiers in various personal issues, including casualty assistance and notifications.

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