• Accurately entered board scores for 144 service members and updated over 175 NGB 4100 service members, facilitating the promotion of 20 individuals and the selection of over 30 service members for the next grade.
  • Demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge as the TM McAllen Readiness NCO, handling all personnel actions for up to 234 personnel, including inputting, correcting, and justifying them.
  • Successfully resolved at least 300 service member pay issues during the tenure as the Readiness NCO.
  • Ensured the preparedness of all RSP Soldiers, resulting in a 98% ship rate for the detachment.
  • Mobilized over 300 personnel and 10 tons of equipment without any losses, ensuring the success of four deployments.
  • Tracked 20 UTCs and 210 personnel, providing up-to-date readiness status to the Commander and enabling support for the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).
  • Coordinated five unscheduled aerovac flights to provide timely critical care to wounded soldiers in support of OIF/OEF.
  • Readied and deployed 33 soldiers, delivering 360 days of operational support.
  • Developed and managed short-range planning calendars for the Battalion, providing increased visibility of operational and strategic goals.
  • Created a comprehensive Soldier Database to track every administrative aspect of Soldier readiness.
  • Chosen as the TOC NCOIC over four other SFCs during Task Force Sustainer August 2012 C2CRE-B mission at Camp Atterbury.
  • Promoted to the leadership position of SFC and led the unit through a COMET re-inspection with a pass rate of more than 95%.
  • Coordinated, planned, and implemented unit convoy movements for Annual Training 2013.
  • Successfully planned and executed the safe movement of three round trip convoys from Brantley and Clayton to Camp Atterbury during Task Force Sustainer 2012.
  • Personally trained and led five soldiers during Task Force Sustainer August 2012 at Camp Atterbury.
  • Developed training materials that enhanced soldiers’ performance and duty-related skills.
  • Led the unit to achieve 100% “go’s” in all categories on the COMET inspection for FY 2011 (88M).
  • Dedicated countless hours to ensure the well-being of all RSP Soldiers, resulting in a 98% ship rate for the detachment.
  • Served as the Interim First Sergeant for HHB during the 2012 ADA deployment.
  • Provided valuable assistance to the command team in reorganizing the largest company in the state into its MTOE layout.
  • Reinforced command and control of deployed personnel during 150 combat missions.
  • Supported numerous missions for deploying units and actively participated in CPX, MRX, MDMP, and BCST training events.
  • The internship as Readiness NCO exposed him to the latest Command and Control tools, increasing his value to the team.
  • Collaborated with medical providers to ensure proper implementation and adherence to Flight Physical processes.
  • Addressed the unit’s administrative demands promptly and accurately.
  • Conducted over 60 force protection patrols as a member of the Camp Arifjan’s Quick Reactionary Force, ensuring the security of Camp Arifjan.
  • Successfully deployed all sections with a complete complement of working equipment on 12 hours’ notice.
  • Facilitated required maintenance through weekly reviews, resulting in fully-equipped teams ready for deployment.
  • Ensured operational readiness of all sections’ equipment, achieving a Battalion first.
  • Supervised day-to-day operations of the full-time staff, fostering a united effort.
  • SFC Bear’s leadership and proactive attitude inspired a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiative in his subordinates.
  • Participated in the Ft Sill Christmas gift-wrapping detail, wrapping presents at the PX and raising money for the Battalion Family Readiness Group.
  • Her enthusiasm and dedication inspired her peers and subordinates to surpass themselves and accomplish all missions.
  • Raised operational readiness rates to 98% or higher for Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn by identifying and correcting training deficiencies.
  • Utilized a local database effectively to track, plan, and coordinate all aspects of Soldier readiness administration.
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