Readiness NCO Duty Descriptions

AGR Readiness NCO of a Military Police Company

As the full-time AGR Readiness NCO of a Military Police Company, your primary responsibility is to ensure the unit’s administration, readiness, reports, and training are effectively managed. You handle correspondence, manage suspense times, and allocate resources for training purposes. You provide advice to the Company Commander and First Sergeant on Soldier issues and serve as the Company Commander’s spokesperson in day-to-day operations. Additionally, you supervise three AGR Soldiers and 20 traditional M-Day Soldiers. As the M-Day Operations NCO, your daily duties include handling pay issues, coordinating with higher and sister units for upcoming training, creating training schedules, and preparing Soldiers and equipment for drill weekends. Your role is crucial in maintaining the readiness and operational effectiveness of the Military Police Company.

Readiness NCO

In your role as a Readiness NCO, you manage the daily operations and administration of the Poplarville Readiness Center. You provide guidance to the Commander on various readiness requirements, including training, logistics, personnel, and unit mobilization. You ensure the unit develops, updates, and maintains comprehensive mobilization plans, such as the Annual Post Mobilization Training Support Report, Unit Alert Roster, and Unit Home Station Activity List. Additionally, you gather data for the Unit Status Report and assist the Commander in preparing readiness reports. Monitoring the equipment on hand and its readiness status is also part of your responsibilities.

Readiness NCO

Your role as a Readiness NCO is to supervise and facilitate the successful accomplishment of the Commander’s mobilization readiness objectives. You actively anticipate and recommend solutions to address the unit’s needs in all aspects of readiness. This includes overseeing training management, mobilization planning, supply, maintenance, pay, and personnel functions that contribute to the welfare and mission capability of the Soldiers. Acting as the Commander’s representative, you ensure the unit maintains the highest level of readiness. Your supervision extends to six full-time support (FTUS) Soldiers and 35 traditional Soldiers.

Readiness NCO

As a Readiness NCO, you strive to meet or exceed the unit’s mobilization readiness objectives. You act as the Commander’s representative in voicing concerns related to readiness and actively prepare for and recommend solutions to unit deployment requirements. You coordinate daily with other unit support functions to ensure readiness aligns with the mission, policies, and directives. Additionally, you monitor the medical readiness of all personnel and oversee the unit Family Care Plan program. Your dedication ensures the unit maintains the highest state of readiness.

Readiness NCO

In your role as a Readiness NCO, you provide valuable advice to the commander on training, logistics, personnel, and unit mobilization readiness requirements. You play a critical role in ensuring the unit maintains comprehensive mobilization plans, including vehicle load plans, unit movement plans, convoy clearance requests, and training and personnel requirements. You review and implement mobilization directives and regulations and gather all necessary data to prepare unit readiness reports. Monitoring the Equipment on Hand (EOH) and Equipment Readiness (ER) status is also part of your responsibilities, and you keep the commander informed on these and other relevant issues.

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