Overall Performance. The rater comments on the NCO’s performance during the rated period.

  • Soldier is currently not eligible for promotion due to incomplete WLC; recommend considering promotion within 12 months of NCOES completion.
  • Soldier is knowledgeable in her current MOS and rank; needs to build knowledge and skillset to prepare for the duties and responsibilities of the next rank.
  • Soldier’s overall performance during the rating period was fair; required moderate supervision to complete tasks.
  • A great platoon sergeant; the best among five PSGs I have worked with as a PL.
  • A talented squad leader who adapts to dynamic environments and consistently gets things done; an outstanding mentor to junior NCOs; should always be assigned with soldiers.
  • Shows unlimited potential; should only be assigned to the most challenging positions.
  • Accomplished all assigned tasks with little guidance from the command.
  • Always succeeds in any situation.
  • An extremely competent and hardworking NCO who is willing to put in the time and effort to ensure mission success for the unit.
  • An outstanding team member who has demonstrated potential for positions of increased responsibility. Junior soldiers will benefit from her experience and motivation to excel in any mission.
  • Confident and dependable, quickly becoming an integral member of the work center. (Needs Improvement)
  • Conscientious, dedicated, and responsible NCO.
  • Consistently achieved mission success, handling responsibilities normally reserved for a senior Sergeant First Class.
  • Consistently demonstrated the capability to handle multiple crisis situations simultaneously, performing well above current grade.
  • Consistently performed above standards, achieving outstanding results.
  • Continue to assign to the most demanding troop leading positions, and our soldiers will reap the benefits.
  • Continuously displayed unparalleled standards and discipline; should be placed in positions that take advantage of his potential to lead and mentor NCOs and soldiers.
  • Dedicated NCO committed to personal and unit excellence.
  • Dedicated SNCO whose allegiance to the mission inspires peers, making this NCO an invaluable team member. Promote as soon as possible!
  • Displayed dedication to his soldiers and the mission; his competency is unquestionable.
  • Exemplary platoon sergeant who adapts to dynamic environments and is dedicated to completing the mission; an outstanding mentor to junior NCOs; recommend sending to Senior Leaders Course and assigning to BDE leadership position or higher.
  • Extremely organized and forward-thinking; his proficiency in managing operations and administrative requirements in a combat environment is unparalleled.
  • Good performer with the potential to be an outstanding soldier and a valuable asset; promote with peers (Needs Improvement).
  • Ability to effectively manage a multitude of competing priorities and tasks enabled him to transform the CSDP into a functional program and helped prepare the unit for deployment.
  • Intellect, developmental skills, and achievements are commendable; needs improvement in discipline, motivation, and communication.
  • Key to the battalion’s flawless redeployment to CONUS.
  • Managed a multitude of competing priorities and tasks, consistently applying the commander’s intent to all situations.
  • Master of his trade; I rely on his knowledge and expertise in system configuration; promote.
  • Mature and confident soldier with extraordinary knowledge and initiative; should be promoted immediately!
  • Motivated NCO focused on taking care of soldiers and improving their leadership skills.
  • Outstanding NCO who leads by example; a solid professional ready for increased responsibility; promote!
  • Outstanding performance by a strong, capable, and dependable leader.
  • Outstanding performance in all respects; clearly exceeded already high expectations.
  • Outstanding performance; clearly performs at the SFC level with ease.
  • Outstanding potential; displayed persistent and exceptional drive that was critical in improving the organization’s combat effectiveness, quality, and efficiency.
  • Outstanding team player! Propelled the unit to win the 2021 “OL of the Year” award; promote immediately!
  • Phenomenal performance; exceeded all expectations; this stellar NCO accomplished all assigned tasks without fail.
  • Promote immediately; send to 1SG Academy.
  • Promote to Master Sergeant ahead of peers; definitely a future First Sergeant.
  • Promote to Master Sergeant ahead of peers; ranks in the top 5% of SFCs I have ever rated.
  • Promote to Sergeant First Class ahead of peers.
  • Proved himself to be in the top 10% of all Staff Sergeants I have rated.
  • Recommend soldier be enrolled in SSD 2 after completion of WLC; send to PEC refresher training for automated SAMS-E or GCSS-Army training when available.
  • Resourceful, adaptive, and reliable NCO.
  • Rock-solid performer; consistently provides high-caliber maintenance and technical direction.
  • Select for ANCOC and promote immediately.
  • Select for attendance at the Sergeants Major Academy.
  • Selected as the top performer of the quarter for the 3rd Quarter 2020; displayed leadership and professionalism.
  • Send to First Sergeant Course now.
  • Send to Senior Leaders Course ahead of peers.
  • She is the epitome of a professional NCO; someone that peers and subordinates alike should emulate.
  • She performed in the top 5% of NCOs I have served with in my 19 years of service.
  • Should be given increased responsibility as the food service sergeant of a major subordinate command.
  • Solid performance at the Staff Sergeant level.
  • Takes initiative to develop himself and his team, proving to be a valuable asset to the NCO Corps.
  • The epitome of a resourceful NCO; always adapting and ensuring mission and unit success.
  • The rock upon which all Human Resourcing in the MACOM is built.
  • This NCO needs no supervision.
  • Ranked in the top 1% of the NCOs in the Battalion.
  • A true professional; proved herself as an exceptional mentor and coach at the unit and organizational level, tirelessly continuing self-improvement and fostering a caring environment.
  • A true professional; totally dedicated to the unit and mission.
  • Truly an accomplished professional who must be selected for Sergeant Major.
  • Unlimited potential; clearly an exceptional Noncommissioned Officer.
  • A very capable NCO who can always be trusted to accomplish the mission.
  • Very tactful in dealing with seniors.
  • Watch this sergeant’s career closely; he has a lot of potential.
  • Will excel in higher positions.
  • Will make an outstanding First Sergeant.
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