• Served as the Range Safety Officer (RSO) for three separate weapons ranges during annual training, ensuring orderly and safe weapons qualification.
  • Managed the safety of 87 soldiers without incident during the live demolition range, facilitating training on engineering tasks.
  • Studied all new regulations for weapons qualification requirements and meticulously planned and executed all ranges according to the updated standards.
  • Took on the roles of Range Coordinator and NCOIC during range operations, resulting in 52 “First Time Gos” for the first time in the battalion.
  • Efficiently cycled 88 soldiers through the zero and qualification range, achieving a 100% success rate for this year’s qualification range.
  • Assisted the Florida Department of Health in building and operating a Community-Based Testing Site in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Demonstrated exceptional situational awareness by identifying an uncleared loaded weapon behind the firing line, effectively preventing accidental injuries or death.
  • Served as the Range NCOIC for one M249 Range and two M4 Ranges, successfully qualifying and training 44 soldiers on weapon systems.
  • Prepared five NCOs to instruct company-level training on Range Cards, M240, and M4, significantly multiplying the training capacity with 49 soldiers and NCOs prepared for BN validation exercise.
  • Maintained 100% accountability for over $65,000 worth of CBRN equipment with no losses.
  • As the NCOIC of the M16A2 rifle range, played a crucial role in the qualification of 130 soldiers within the 100th Chemical Regiment.
  • Effectively coordinated and reserved over a dozen ranges for weapons qualification, both during WTXs and semiannual training.
  • Assisted the M16 range NCOIC with site setup, resulting in over 80 soldiers qualifying on their individually assigned weapons.
  • Collected live ammunition and expended brass, facilitating the reclamation of unused M2 ammunition and the return of over 400 pounds of brass to Fort Dix for recycling.
  • Received accolades from the CSM for efficient operations, including organization, ammunition pick up and storage, operations, and safety.
  • Ensured full compliance with all safety and range regulations for the assigned range.
  • Served as the NCOIC for the Battalion 9mm Range, achieving a 100% qualification rate over a two-year period.
  • Conducted common task training classes for all 140 members of the mobilizing 339th Military Police Company.
  • Managed the ammunition supply point (ASP) for the battalion M2 range in addition to regular duties for the last six months.
  • Arranged the transportation of over 50,000 rounds to the range from January to June 2013.
  • Played an instrumental role in keeping 100% of 564 target systems operational, supporting the successful training of 39 units and over 30,000 soldiers at Camp McCain.
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