Quality Control, Assurance Duty Descriptions

QA Team Member

As a QA Team Member, your role is to serve as the Commander’s liaison for maintenance and safety within the unit. You maintain relationships with workcenter managers and coordinate inspection schedules. Your responsibilities include researching maintenance and operational standards for all unit equipment and functions. You conduct inspections to ensure compliance with maintenance standards and evaluate personnel for training progression and effectiveness. Identifying safety hazards and risks is an essential part of your role, and you ensure that all required safety equipment is present and operational. You record findings, take corrective measures, and follow up on long-term improvement efforts. Additionally, you play a key role in evaluating and conducting acceptance inspections for new equipment to ensure its quality and functionality.

QA Inspector

As a QA Inspector, your primary responsibility is to maintain quality standards within the organization. You accomplish this by approving incoming materials, monitoring in-process production, and inspecting finished products. You conduct visual and measurement tests to ensure compliance with quality standards. If any adjustments are necessary, you communicate them to supervisors for implementation. It is your duty to document inspection results, complete reports and logs, and summarize any re-work or waste encountered. Inputting data into the quality database and maintaining the operational status of measurement equipment are also part of your role. Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, compliance with regulations and OSHA requirements, and distributing lessons learned are essential aspects of your responsibilities. You support the organization’s mission by contributing to quality-related goals and objectives.

91C30 Senior Chemical and Quartermaster Equipment Repairer

As the Senior Chemical and Quartermaster Equipment Repairer, you hold a critical role within the 947th Quartermaster Company in a Petroleum Support Company. Your responsibilities include overseeing the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, administrative actions, and counseling of 42 Soldiers and 5 Non-Commissioned Officers as the Platoon Sergeant of the 4th Platoon. You specialize in inspecting and troubleshooting air conditioner units, refrigeration units, 350 GPM pumps used for Fuel System Supply Points, and heaters. Your expertise also extends to maintenance management activities, including quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) over scheduled vehicle and equipment services and repairs. Your role ensures the proper functioning and reliability of crucial equipment essential for the unit’s mission success.

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