Psychological Operations Specialist

  • Utilized the Next Generation Loudspeaker System to induce chaos on the battlefield, effectively luring an enemy infantry squad into a kill zone where they were eliminated through indirect fire.
  • Successfully set up tents, established an internet system, and tested communications to ensure operational readiness for the Fort Knox engagement when the rest of the Company arrived.
  • Provided mentorship to optimize training effectiveness, ensuring that the section was well-prepared for their next level of advancement.
  • Conducted land navigation training for the 14th HSC, resulting in the unit’s successful completion of the land navigation course at Camp Parks.
  • Regularly disseminated timely and relevant information to the Soldiers, directly contributing to their current operational effectiveness.
  • Motivated and assisted the team in preparing for the first diagnostic ACFT, resulting in passing scores for every soldier assigned to the team.

PSYOP Sergeant

  • Demonstrated the highest level of proficiency among all NCOs for both lethal and non-lethal targeting during F3EAD training.
  • Prepared and presented an Unconventional Warfare block of instruction to teams preparing for deployment to the CENTCOM AOR.
  • Exceeded course standards during attendance of the 37F MOS Qualification Course 331-37F10(R) Class 13-003.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of $250,000 worth of company CBRN equipment, ensuring readiness and survival.
  • Attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade during the 09-07 JMRC Mission Readiness Exercise, Operation Urgent Focus, in Hohenfels, Germany.

PSYOP Team Leader

  • Developed and disseminated 250 informational products in support of the Brigade’s Operation Eagle Campaign and the 2014 Afghanistan National Elections.
  • Responded to an indirect fire attack, evacuating casualties from burning tents and preventing further damage to ANA structures.
  • Provided supplies and religious materials to replace those lost in a fire caused by an indirect fire attack.
  • Assisted the ANA in implementing Information Operations on the battlefield.
  • Served as the subject matter expert on the Tactical Ground Station while simultaneously coordinating mission essential tasks and training.
  • Tutored a team preparing for a mission to support SOCCENT on social media in MISO programs.
  • Supported the ANA 2-215 BDE during operation _ in the Sagin District of Helmand Province.
  • Selected over peers by Group CDR to validate Strategic MISO in an Unconventional Warfare validation exercise conducted at JRTC.
  • Incorporated expertise of the human domain with the seven warfighting functions to validate tactics at JRTC.
  • Assumed responsibility for Transportation Platoons (TPTs) engaged in supporting 3-82 BSTB during an attack by JRTC OPFOR, ensuring the TPTs broadcast messages to protect the Dara Lam town population.

Detachment NCOIC

  • Developed key rapport with Coalition Forces, Host Nation contractors, and civilians, resulting in MISO operational synchronization.
  • Led or assisted in numerous planning efforts for crisis action plans, contingency plans, and regional engagement plans.
  • Served as TPD NCOIC, an E-7 slot.
  • Led a forward deployed element for approximately 6 weeks while working at the African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) headquarters in Bamako, Mali.
  • Managed 24 Soldiers in 1 TPD HQ, 5 Tactical PSYOP Teams, 1 POPS-LITE Team, and 1 A/V team.
  • Arranged and led the movement of essential personnel and equipment from Upper Marlboro, MD to Fort Bragg and on to JRTC.
  • Attended the 3-82 Leaders Training Program (LTP) as the sole representative from TPD1115.
  • Streamlined processes with Exercises, improved communication, established SOPs, and positioned the division for greater success.
  • Worked with senior staff to develop Appendix 3 (MISO) to Annex J (Inform and Influence) to the 3-82 ABN OPORD.
  • Implemented lethal and nonlethal capabilities necessary to assess, shape, deter, and influence the unconventional warfare environment at JRTC.
  • Distinguished himself by exceeding course standards during attendance of the Squad Designated Marksman Course MTC-005 Class 14-006.


  • Executed responsibilities as the Group SARC during his absence, meeting all suspense reporting to higher.
  • Developed a SHARP budget plan and effectively managed $50,000 worth of promotional items.
  • Scored a 3+/3+/3+ on the DLPT in her control language, far exceeding USASOC standards.

PSYOP Assistant Team Leader (ATL)

  • Met and exceeded the standard of expectations during his time in Afghanistan.
  • Ensured continuity of the 303rd TPT when transitioning from a Psyop Specialist to Assistant Team Leader.
  • Maintained strong and productive relationships with ANSF and GIROA officials.
  • Conducted successful campaigns in support of a U.S. Marine company, contributing to the overall success of the mission.
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