• Successfully organized and oversaw 45 Change of Command, retirements, and promotion ceremonies.
  • Meticulously reviewed and ensured the quality of more than 200 products/venue setups, adhering to Army standards and preserving tradition.
  • Collaborated as a co-chair for the Base Open House, taking charge of various tasks such as arranging the $60,000 Commander’s DV Chalet and parking, creating tickets and invitations, and honoring 667 esteemed guests.
  • Demonstrated exceptional support and coordination in a high-pressure Protocol environment, managing over 200 command events. Notable events included visits by distinguished guests like the President of Poland, the Princess of Luxembourg, and the SACT Change of Command. Additionally, successfully organized multiple conferences attended by high-ranking NATO officials.
  • Developed and maintained an extensive Protocol database containing comprehensive information on over 1,000 personnel, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the Protocol department.
  • Acted as a facilitator for the SACLANT Conference Room and SACT Auditorium, delivering administrative and technical support for more than 500 NATO meetings and conferences.
  • Assisted in the preparation and planning of the USAGJ Hispanic Heritage Month Observance, conducting thorough research and collaborating with Protocol to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of information.
  • Effectively managed a $100,000 Official Representation Funds budget, ensuring optimal resource allocation. Facilitated the purchase, tracking, and distribution of 1200 official gifts.
  • Strategically planned and executed a battlefield circulation for the Commanding Generals of both USSOCOM and Special Operations Command Africa, resulting in a 90% increase in situational awareness.
  • Successfully coordinated with U.S. and foreign officials across 7 countries, ensuring a smooth and informative trip for the Commanding Generals during their first battlefield circulation in the African area of operations.
  • Initiated and organized 223 DV and 662 billet nights for 3 Commands and 11 tenant commands.
  • Conducted extensive research on DV preferences and established a local Operational Instruction (OI) to standardize precedence and level of recognition.
  • Sergeant Young demonstrated overall responsibility for more than 60 exceptional luncheons and receptions, as well as the flawless execution of over 150 Distinguished Visitor itineraries.
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