Protocol Duty Descriptions

Protocol Specialist

As a Protocol Specialist, your role is to meticulously plan and coordinate all aspects of visits by Distinguished Visitors, VIPs, and other official visitors to the 19th Theater Army Area (TAACOM) Command and its subordinate units. This includes representatives from both U.S. and foreign governments, as well as high-ranking civilian employees of DoD components. Additionally, you are responsible for organizing visits for various tenant activities in the Taegu community, such as the 36th Signal Battalion, 728th Military Police Battalion, and others. Your duties involve coordinating logistics, scheduling, transportation, accommodations, security briefings, and ensuring that all visitors receive appropriate hospitality during their stay.

Protocol Sergeant

As a Protocol Sergeant, you serve as a protocol augmentee, providing support to the protocol office. Your responsibilities include maintaining information on available billeting and conference capabilities, conducting research on Distinguished Visitor requirements, and planning visits, ceremonies, and special events for both domestic and foreign visitors. You play a key role in receiving and picking up VIPs, identifying security risks, briefing visitors on local conditions, and developing safe routes for their travels. Additionally, you coordinate transportation arrangements, arrange special events and itineraries, and inspect lodging and meeting accommodations. Your dedication to supporting the needs of VIPs is evident as you provide around-the-clock support to ensure their comfort and safety.

Protocol Officer

In your role as a Protocol Officer, you act as the local representative for visiting dignitaries, ensuring their well-being and facilitating their engagements. This involves arranging appropriate housing, meals, and escorts for tours. You work closely with the Post commander, providing them with advance information and preparing them for the arrival of visitors. Maintaining situational awareness of visitors and their itineraries is crucial, and you are responsible for arranging interpreters when necessary. Additionally, you handle various tasks related to the special needs of Distinguished Visitors, such as increased security measures, special dietary requirements, media coverage, or off-base entertainment. Your attention to detail and proactive approach ensure a smooth and memorable visit for the dignitaries.

Protocol Officer

As a Protocol Officer for Eighth US Army (EUSA) Protocol Office, you are responsible for planning and coordinating all support activities related to visits by visiting dignitaries. This includes arranging transportation, billeting, social functions, ceremonies, dinner reservations, official office calls, briefings, conferences, and tours. You meticulously coordinate reservations and arrangements for facilities, speakers, guest lists, invitations, seating arrangements, flags, decorations, and menus. Your role also involves preparing detailed itineraries for visitors, arranging escorts, coordinating meetings, and ensuring smooth transportation logistics. Your attention to detail, organizational skills, and ability to coordinate various elements make you an essential asset in providing exceptional hospitality and support to visiting dignitaries.

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