Promotion Board Requirements Memorandum


SUBJECT: Requirements for Company Promotion Board Attendance



  1. The purpose of this memorandum is to establish the Company’s promotion board attendance requirements to encourage individual initiative, facilitate career advancement, and reduce the number of Soldiers waiting for Basic Leader Course (BLC) and Advanced Leader Course (ALC) due to low promotion points in C/3-82 GSAB.
  2. The eligibility criteria for the SGT/SSG Promotion Board are as follows:

a. Soldiers in the rank of SPC and CPL are eligible if they have 17 months of Time in Service (TIS) and 5 months of Time in Grade (TIG).

b. Soldiers in the rank of SGT are eligible if they have 47 months of TIS and 6 months of TIG.

c. Eligible Soldiers must meet the height and weight standards specified in the Army Body Composition Program (AR 600-9, dated 28 June 2013).

d. Eligible Soldiers must have successfully passed the Army Physical Fitness Test within the past 6 months preceding the Promotion Board.

e. Eligible Soldiers must possess a current weapons qualification card.

f. Eligible Soldiers must have completed either Structured Self-Development (SSD) or Distributed Leader Course (DLC). Soldiers are given a six-month timeframe to complete SSD or DLC once they are enrolled.

g. Soldiers in the rank of SPC and CPL must complete 200 Correspondence Course Hours, while those in the rank of SGT must complete 400 Correspondence Course Hours. Eligible Soldiers have six months to fulfill the required Correspondence Course Hours once they enter the primary zone for promotion.

h. Eligible Soldiers must receive counseling from their Platoon leadership, recommending their attendance at the promotion board. Platoon leadership should emphasize the eligible Soldier’s demonstrated leadership skills that warrant their recommendation.

  1. Soldiers within the primary zone for promotion who fail to meet these requirements within six months will be barred from continued service due to being noncompetitive for promotion, in accordance with Army Directive 2016-19 (Retaining a Quality Noncommissioned Officer Corps).
  2. The point of contact for any inquiries related to this memorandum is 1SG Thomas Paine. He can be reached at [email protected] or XXX-XXX-XXXX.


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