Promotion Board Recommendation Example

15R Crew Chief

SPC Ramos Promotion Recommendation

I am pleased to recommend SPC Ramos for promotion to the next rank. He has consistently demonstrated exceptional capabilities and exhibits a positive attitude that serves as a remarkable example to his peers and subordinates. Over the course of the past 22 months, SPC Ramos has achieved outstanding accomplishments, which are outlined below:

a. SPC Ramos actively participated in three YTC rotations with Alpha Company. During his most recent rotation, he showcased exemplary performance as a maintainer, dedicating countless hours to ensure the mission readiness of a fleet of five aircraft. His commitment and efforts greatly contributed to sustaining a high level of operational capability.

b. In addition to his primary duties, SPC Ramos has willingly taken on various additional responsibilities such as TMDE and ARMS room alternate. He consistently exceeds the expected standards for his current rank, consistently demonstrating his dedication to ensuring all tasks are meticulously completed.

c. SPC Ramos played a pivotal role in facilitating successful aircraft transfers, contributing significantly to the company’s ability to promptly address any deficiencies. His tireless work ethic and attention to detail resulted in two aircraft being seamlessly transferred to Fort Rucker’s flight training program. Furthermore, his expertise and assistance in troubleshooting armament-related issues while serving as the APU Runner were invaluable.

d. SPC Ramos exhibits unwavering dedication and motivation as a soldier. He eagerly embraces any assigned task and consistently ensures that all responsibilities are carried out with precision and to the best of his abilities. Through his unwavering commitment to the Army, SPC Ramos has earned the trust and respect of his superiors, peers, and subordinates, demonstrating his readiness to join the esteemed Corps of Noncommissioned Officers and take on leadership roles.

SPC Ramos’s exemplary performance, exceptional work ethic, and outstanding dedication to duty make him a highly deserving candidate for promotion. I wholeheartedly recommend his advancement to the next rank, confident that he will continue to excel in his future endeavors.

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