• Played a key role in various planning efforts for crisis action plans, contingency plans, and regional engagement plans; initiated a state of readiness.
  • Streamlined and coordinated the activities of participating departments on a daily basis; reduced project delays caused by lack of coordination by 50%.
  • Assisted the RCCTO in identifying important metrics for estimating project costs; enhanced the decision-making abilities of program managers and minimized financial wastage.
  • Identified considerations for parallel project development, allowing for prioritization of efforts and providing valuable assistance to managers in making project-related decisions.
  • Served as the project director at the ISRO Satellite Centre; successfully led the development and delivery of the joint Resourcesat-2A spacecraft project, thereby expanding U.S. capabilities.
  • Excelled as the Group Director of the Programme Management and Systems Group-IRS & SSS; developed and implemented planning and resource sharing protocols that supported various Remote Sensing and scientific missions.
  • Shared knowledge and experience by playing a pivotal role in the initial training of State Incentive Managers and serving as the main point of contact for terminations.
  • Completed Foundation Instructor Facilitator Phase 1 and 2, Small Group Instructor Training Course, and Resilience Trainer Assistant Course; set a commendable example for peers to follow.
  • Supervised the Soldier Maneuver Sensor program; collaborated with the Redstone Test Center to identify and establish operationally relevant test lanes for Soldiers.
  • Identified and established operationally relevant lanes for Soldiers to utilize during the reliability testing of the Soldier Borne Sensor Phase 2 Prototype Operational Assessment.
  • Compiled the OPFOR weapons package for operational scenarios; ensured that Soldiers could effectively test the sensor capabilities of the Soldier Borne Sensor.
  • Assisted in the development and deployment of numerous items in the Army’s inventory, including the XM93 Wide Area Munition; enhanced offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Maintained constant communication with project points of contact; identified and resolved obstacles to fielding, resulting in being 10% ahead of schedule.
  • Supervised the production and deployment of numerous munitions to the joint Warfighter; established a reliable and expanding international capability.
  • As the Quota Source Manager, coordinated with the National Guard Bureau and secured funding for many schools that are not typically covered by the state but are necessary for deployment.
  • Selected by the Brigade to serve as the interim Command Sergeant Major for the 1188th Deployment and Distribution Support Battalion; reduced delays by 50% within a 30-day period.
  • Led the USARAF forward deployed element for six weeks during the African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA); integrated and focused U.S. and Mali military efforts.
  • Translated and streamlined joint operations with the Mali military forces; improved communication, established standard operating procedures (SOPs), and positioned the division for success.
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