Preparing for Promotion Board Memorandum Example

MEMORANDUM FOR All Section Members

SUBJECT: Preparation Tips for the Promotion Board


ATSS-DCD Today’s Date

  1. This memorandum aims to provide you with essential information and guidance to help you better prepare for the upcoming local promotion board.
  2. During the board, you will be evaluated in six key areas: personal appearance, bearing, and self-confidence; oral expression and conversational skills; knowledge of world affairs; awareness of military programs; knowledge of basic soldiering; and attitude.
  3. To ensure a successful appearance before the board, there are three critical actions you should take: studying, preparing your uniform, and rehearsing.

a. STUDYING: Obtain a copy of the memorandum that outlines the board date, the board members’ names, and the subjects that will be addressed. Thoroughly study the questions and answers provided in the battalion study guide for these areas, while also being prepared to answer additional questions. Stay informed by reading the newspaper and staying updated with current news, and be ready to express your opinions on local, national, and global events. Familiarize yourself with your chain of command and unit history.

b. PREPARING YOUR UNIFORM: I will be conducting uniform inspections for every soldier appearing before the board. If necessary, ensure your uniform is tailored and cleaned appropriately. When arranging your uniform, use a ruler to verify the proper placement of all items in accordance with AR 670-1.

c. REHEARSING: Practice reporting to the president of the board to build your self-confidence. Engage in role-playing scenarios to practice answering questions effectively. If you encounter a question to which you do not know the answer, maintain your military bearing and composure. Be prepared to articulate to the board members why you believe you should be promoted.


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