• Efficiently distributed 20,000 letters and parcels, ensuring they were available to patrons within one hour of arrival.
  • Expedited 114 express mail shipments, meeting a three-day delivery deadline and saving $3,000 in costly claim refunds.
  • Conducted scans for explosive residue on 2,000 parcels per month, maintaining security and contributing to an “Outstanding” rating during the Postal Operations Inspection.
  • Deployed to Al Udeid Air Base, where he played a crucial role in processing over 100,000 pounds of mail for 49 units within the Area of Responsibility (AOR).
  • Provided assistance to over 400 customers from November to March, verifying identities and successfully delivering over 17,000 packages.
  • Led a team of 29 volunteers during the Christmas rush, reducing customer processing time by 50% for 20,000 pounds of packages.
  • Managed an $88,000 clerk account and led three finance clerks, overseeing 2,700 transactions in support of the NATO/EUCOM Mission.
  • Appointed to supervise the mailroom due to his unwavering integrity, resulting in an immediate 50% reduction in lost and undelivered mail rates.
  • Conducted post office tours for local Department of Defense (DoD) elementary school classes.
  • Constructed and implemented an efficient detachment-level mail storage facility, significantly enhancing the unit’s ability to manage the distribution and accountability of personal mail and parcels for Soldiers.
  • Coordinated and distributed over 12,000 pallets of mail during the holidays, ensuring every Soldier received their mail and thereby improving morale in the Battalion.
  • Developed and executed a successful Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) program, achieving a 100% pass rate for all Soldiers during Annual Training.
  • Created and implemented a plan that smoothly transitioned the Mail Distribution Center to the National Capital Region Consolidation Center (NCRCC) without any disruptions to mail delivery.
  • Demonstrated dedication to Soldier support by working during personal time to ensure night shift Soldiers received their mail.
  • Established a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between two services, providing briefings to officials within the Air Force and the Navy.
  • Supervised the Battalion mailroom, ensuring efficient mail services for 900 Soldiers.
  • Conducted a thorough self-inspection, reviewing 60 checklist items and correcting 12 discrepancies, positioning the unit for a successful 2014 inspection.
  • Assisted with the distribution of over 3,000 pieces of mail to the unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • Identified and eliminated opportunities for theft, resulting in a 95% mail delivery rate.
  • Maintained discreet and confidential mail services for all unit members.
  • Processed both stateside and APO-bound mail, generating $200,000 in postage revenue and providing prompt USPS services to over 3,000 customers.
  • Successfully managed a $27,000 ADPE (Automated Data Processing Equipment) account, ensuring accountability for 35 high-value items without any deficiencies during base inspection.
  • Conducted weekly inspections of 1,100 mailboxes, validating usage, ensuring compliance with regulations, and preventing DoD violations.
  • Expedited the delivery of aircrew publications, contributing to the safe operations of the base’s $50,000,000 flying program.
  • Managed the postal volunteer program, training 25 Soldiers and family members, resulting in a 50% reduction in wait times.
  • Oversaw the Arifjan mail program, securely maintaining and distributing over 5,000 packages, significantly boosting the morale of 5,000 Soldiers.
  • Planned and executed three Warrior Training Tasks (WTT) with a 100% pass rate.
  • Processed 10,000 pounds of bulk mail, making it available to patrons within 24 hours, surpassing the DoD standard by 70%.
  • Successfully relocated the DoD’s largest post office in less than 24 hours, moving 30,000 pounds of mail and packages while maintaining 100% accountability.
  • Selected over nine of his peers to act as the Battalion mailroom clerk, a duty outside his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), ensuring 100% accountability.
  • Spearheaded numerous improvements within the post office, reducing manual labor by two hours per mail load, earning commendation from the Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM) for his contributions to the post office.
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