• Demonstrated flexibility in adjusting security measures, individual movement techniques, and the escalation of force based on the specific circumstances. Displayed strong tactical awareness throughout all operations.
  • Assumed control when necessary, conducted thorough first line pre-combat checks (PCCs), maintained constant situational awareness, and took appropriate actions accordingly. Significantly improved platoon responsiveness.
  • Successfully restored order and raised standards within a declining unit, resulting in a remarkable 40% increase in morale and readiness rate.
  • Regained control of a maintenance shop that was under the influence of a clique. Transferred the ring leader to another Battalion, thereby restoring discipline and morale within the shop.
  • Implemented frequent inventories and training reviews, leading to the production of the best-prepared and equipped Soldiers on the entire post.
  • Exhibited exceptional determination and leadership skills.
  • Facilitated platoon cohesion, which contributed to the successful completion of the IPBC (Individual Proficiency in Basic Combat) during Annual Training 2013.
  • Demonstrated effective multitasking abilities and delegated tasks as necessary, resulting in the completion of all assignments ahead of schedule.
  • Rescued a demoralized section and guided it back to its former glory as the best in the Battalion.
  • Ensured the efficient and safe conduct of all patrols through a hands-on approach as a platoon sergeant.
  • Organized fundraisers to raise money for cookouts and plaques for outgoing Soldiers, significantly boosting morale throughout the Battalion.
  • Made valuable contributions to the effectiveness of Falcon 78 and Guns and Towers as a Platoon Sergeant in 2nd Platoon’s final mission at Falcon 78.
  • Maintained the chain of command’s schedule for service packets, ensuring timely processing for Soldiers.
  • Successfully integrated a crew of Soldiers and contractors to provide security for six hotels and the 301st first!
  • Motivated the entire platoon during the planning, coordination, and execution phases of Operation ANVIL TREE.
  • Delivered outstanding work at a level that exceeded expectations for two NCOs.
  • Identified and addressed production bottlenecks by assembling a team and developing innovative solutions, resulting in a 40% reduction in delays.
  • Directed the efforts of team members, leading to a 50% increase in on-time delivery rates.
  • Exemplified exceptional NCO qualities and served as a capable leader, effectively fulfilling duties as a platoon sergeant.
  • Led by example and ensured the provision of the highest quality training for the troops at the assigned site.
  • Took charge and ensured active engagement of Soldiers in training or assigned tasks.
  • Maintained a professional appearance for the shop, consistently surpassing the standard.
  • Fostered teamwork and camaraderie, contributing to a successful training experience.
  • Ensured every Soldier was trained to the highest standard.
  • Developed a comprehensive Soldier database to track all administrative aspects of Soldier readiness.
  • Maintained the highest level of professionalism while supervising Soldiers within the platoon.
  • Provided a role model for leadership to junior enlisted Soldiers.
  • Oversaw administrative and medical readiness for the platoon, resulting in a 20% increase in medical readiness and over 22% improvement in administrative readiness within a span of fewer than 90 days.
  • Implemented strategies to enhance engagement and readiness during Unit Training Assemblies (UTAs), propelling the team to become the top battery in the battalion.
  • Managed the platoon battle roster during all virtual Battle Assemblies (BAs) by conducting check-ins on MS Teams, ensuring accountability for over 30 Soldiers.
  • Served as the lead planner for an MUTA-4 (Multiple Unit Training Assembly-4), coordinating training events, securing resources, and overseeing execution while adhering to the 8-step training model. Achieved training success.
  • Designed realistic and practical MUTA-4 scenarios for over 300 Soldiers, accommodating both virtual and in-person environments.
  • Forecasted and planned the completion of schools, ranges, and predeployment training requirements for six subordinates, resulting in a significant increase in readiness.
  • Demonstrated unwavering commitment to the training success of all Soldiers, ensuring no one was left behind.
  • Kept all Soldiers informed about the latest changes and events, displaying the best situational awareness in the Camp.
  • Went above and beyond by actively engaging with rotational soldiers, establishing strong connections.
  • Delegated responsibilities effectively, fostering team initiative, resourcefulness, and professional confidence.
  • Prioritized safety, resulting in over 365 accident-free days and no DUI-related incidents within the unit.
  • Directly contributed to the unit’s improved completion and close-out rates for NCO-ERs (Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports).
  • Tracked and maintained Soldier preparedness for Battalion and Brigade level staff during M-16 and M-9 range qualifications, ensuring 100% qualification and zero safety incidents.
  • Devoted mentor and trainer, coaching subordinates to achieve a 100% success and completion rate on Mission Essential Task List (METL) tasks.
  • Conducted four briefings in preparation for mobilization/deployment in support of contingency operations, resulting in better-prepared Soldiers.
  • Provided professional and expert input to Headquarters’ operational planning and execution of critical tasks.
  • Coordinated with five different units to address MILCON (Military Construction)-related issues and provide support, meeting all requirements.
  • Tracked and scheduled over 1,000 hours of technical training for 77 Soldiers and Airmen.
  • Enabled continuous operation of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), Blue Force Tracker, and tactical communications throughout the exercise.
  • Consistently delivered outstanding performance during 2nd Platoon’s transition training period.
  • Contributed significantly to the overall success of both the platoon’s and the troops’ wartime mission.
  • Undertook numerous missions and served in various positions, including unit armorer, platoon sergeant, and Equal Opportunity Leader.
  • Played a crucial role in implementing HISAT (High-Speed Anti-Tank) convoy training to HSTL (Heavy Secure Transportation Leader) at Fort Jackson, SC.
  • Demonstrated outstanding service and commitment as a platoon sergeant for the HHC (Headquarters and Headquarters Company) PSD (Personal Security Detail) Platoon during Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Conducted over 100 force protection patrols, enhancing the security and safety of Camp Arifjan.
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