Plans Officer Duty Descriptions

90A Support Operations (SPO) Plans Officer

As the Support Operations (SPO) Plans Officer for a Brigade Support Battalion (BSB), your primary responsibility is to oversee the execution of current and future operations, conduct mission analysis, and provide planning support to the 56th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. You possess a deep working knowledge of the capabilities, facilities, and requirements of the Support Operations cell, allowing you to effectively support the brigade. Additionally, you reinforce and enhance the understanding of the BSB Support Operations cell capabilities within the brigade staff.

12A Battalion Plans Officer

In your role as the Assistant Battalion Plans Officer for a forward stationed Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB) located in Grafenwoehr, Germany, you support the planning and production of Squadron orders. You are responsible for developing battalion long-range plans, coordinating with adjacent Battalion and Brigade staffs, and synchronizing the efforts of the BEB staff for Brigade Engineer, Signal, and Intelligence operations. Additionally, you serve as the alternate Battalion Additional Duty Safety Officer, tracking, reporting, and providing advice on all accidents within the Squadron.

Plans Officer

You serve as an Engineer Plans and Operations Officer for the Transatlantic Division, United States Army Corps of Engineers, with potential contingency districts located throughout the CENTCOM AOR (Area of Responsibility). Your overall responsibilities include executing current and future operations, conducting mission analysis, planning, and providing mission support to CENTCOM. With your in-depth knowledge of USACE engineer capabilities, facilities, and requirements, you offer critical support to combat forces. Furthermore, you reinforce and enhance the understanding of USACE engineer capabilities and accomplishments within the CENTCOM staff.

Plans Officer (J5)

As the Plans Officer supporting combat operations and nation-building activities, you supervise a joint-service planning cell comprising Army Special Operations, Naval Special Warfare Unit 8, and an Air Force Special Operations detachment. Your responsibilities include serving as the Army liaison and participating in joint mission analysis. In your role as the plans officer for the Joint Special Operations Task Force, you coordinate and schedule missions and develop metrics to measure effectiveness. Additionally, you assign Oplan development tasks to subordinate cells and contribute to the development of contingency plans.

G-35 Plans Officer USMA

You serve as the G35 Plans Officer for the United States Military Academy at West Point. In this role, you manage and maintain the cadet accountability and reporting system for USMA and USCC (United States Corps of Cadets), ensuring accurate cadet accounting. You develop and execute cadet in- and out-processing procedures and monitor cadet attrition. Timely reports submitted by you enable USMA leaders to track progress and forecast vacancies in compliance with Title 10 USC Sec 4342.

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