• Administered, developed, taught, and supervised exercise programs and activities of daily living for 88 patients, resulting in improved strength and ambulation skills.
  • Facilitated the use of various ambulation aids for 14 patients, enhancing their mobility and overall wellness.
  • Applied physical modalities such as hot and cold therapy to 55 patients and electrical stimulation to 13 patients, leading to a 98% physical readiness rate.
  • Efficiently managed the Occupational Therapy and Vestibular Rehab Services clinics, supporting over 50,000 patient encounters.
  • Provided direct administrative support to two providers and four technicians, ensuring quality healthcare and exceptional customer service to 3,788 patients.
  • Worked independently in the Physical Therapy Department without therapist supervision, increasing available slots for patient appointments by 150%.
  • Collaborated with the MMB CSM to develop an NCO Development Program, resulting in improved Sergeant’s Time Training.
  • Coordinated Brigade Combat Team Trauma Training for the company, enhancing preparedness for deployment.
  • Enforced the command supply discipline program, resulting in a significant decline in wasted resources and costs.
  • Achieved a 100% patient satisfaction rate while serving as the NCOIC of the clinic, surpassing MEDCOM standards.
  • Fostered a remarkable working environment by delegating team goals, leading to an exponential increase in qualification rates.
  • Served as the lead instructor for the aquatic therapy class, expanding access to care for patients with limited mobility and weight-bearing restrictions.
  • Volunteered to compile and present wellness information at quarterly health fairs, providing valuable knowledge to the Fort Polk community.
  • Implemented reconditioning programs to assist in returning soldiers to mission readiness.
  • Validated accuracy and completion of staff training requirements through quarterly Competency Assessment Folder audits, ensuring compliance with Joint Commission and hospital standards.
  • Successfully supported two mobilizing teams from the unit in attending yellow ribbon events and assisted with any travel issues related to the Defense Travel System (DTS).
  • Contributed to raising the Red Knight’s medical readiness by supporting Operation Gunsmoke and the platoon live-fire exercise.
  • Assisted the BN with yellow ribbon events by signing for family members who were unable to sign for themselves.
  • Served as an instructor for off-site knee and low back group classes.
  • Maintained hand receipt control of $36,000 worth of 2SBCT Physical Therapy Field Equipment.
  • Managed a monthly patient load of 255 soldiers, ensuring timely and effective treatment.
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