• As the interim Security Manager, I provided vital expertise in the timely processing of security clearances and visit requests for over 100 personnel, playing a critical role in ensuring smooth operations.
  • I established strict key control and physical security procedures for the IPBO warehouse, resulting in zero equipment loss over a span of 9 months.
  • I provided valuable advice to 1ABCT HQ on physical security requirements, leading to enhanced personnel and operations security.
  • By earning a perfect score of 100% on physical security inspections, I set the standard for the unit and demonstrated exceptional attention to detail.
  • Through my proactive approach, I successfully eliminated significant issues that commonly arise in physical security protocols.
  • I meticulously identified and documented all deficiencies and vulnerabilities, taking corrective measures to improve readiness.
  • I reorganized and brought the physical security of the 295th Ordnance Company up to the required standards, ensuring optimal security measures were in place.
  • I orchestrated the installation of five bunkers, five mass casualty kits, and an emergency broadcast system, further enhancing the unit’s physical security.
  • Leveraging my experience from port facility security audits, I provided relevant and timely security advice, contributing to overall security measures.
  • I conducted regular inspections on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, focusing on continuous process improvement to enhance security measures.
  • I implemented and oversaw the CCTV system, effectively aiding in the prevention of sexual assaults across the Corps of Cadets. This system played a crucial role in ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of more than 4,500 Cadets.
  • I meticulously vetted the access credentials of all individuals and vehicles entering Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, ensuring strict security protocols were adhered to.
  • I conducted thorough inspections and processed the monthly traffic of over 15,000 personnel and 200 vehicles, demonstrating relentless vigilance in maintaining security.
  • I verified or installed steering wheel locks and chains, ensuring 100% physical security and eliminating unauthorized use.
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