• I deployed for 180 days to Larissa Air Base in the Hellenic Republic, serving as the Lead Pest Manager for the AOR’s fastest-growing MQ-9 relocation. Through my efforts, I successfully eradicated the pest threat.
  • I conducted pest management operations across over 1,500 acres on the installation, providing crucial support for flying missions and operations of three Combatant Commands.
  • I effectively managed pest control and environmental operations for the $9 million Base Operate and Support contract. This endeavor ensured the protection of 1,200 personnel, three Security Cooperation Organizations, and a $90 billion international mission.
  • I facilitated multiple wasp nest removal jobs throughout the installation, eliminating 13 nests from highly trafficked areas. By eradicating future nesting and breeding areas, I shielded 110 members from potential allergic reactions and infections.
  • I led mosquito vector control efforts and established a comprehensive surveillance program. This included the larviciding of 11 mosquito breeding sites, successfully mitigating the second-largest West Nile threat in the AOR.
  • Through the implementation of the Bird Air Strike Hazard (BASH) program, I sprayed 150 gallons of herbicide to eliminate rodent nesting grounds. This preventive measure effectively prevented four species from interfering with 214 sorties and protected seven aircraft valued at $123 million.
  • I successfully eliminated six beavers and two dams from JB Andrews, protecting over $500,000 worth of PL2 assets from flood and lumber damage.
  • I revised the Pest Management training schedule, ensuring that the shop was fully prepared for contingency operations and short-notice deployments.
  • I performed vital termite treatments on three major facilities, resulting in significant cost savings of $60 million in structural repairs and extending the building life by 10 years.
  • By effectively eliminating a roach infestation with a 30% reduction in pesticide usage, I fostered environmental stewardship while successfully carrying out the mission.
  • I provided pest control services to McConnell, Housing, and the Kansas Army National Guard, maintaining a 100% on-time completion rate for the required work.
  • In a wildlife emergency, I successfully extracted a possum on MAPA, averting a mission delay and preventing a potential catastrophe with a value of $153 million.
  • I conducted training sessions on self-help home-use, educating 10% of residents and reducing the inappropriate use of in-home chemicals while raising awareness of proper practices.
  • I coordinated a 150,000 pesticide application contract and oversaw a 3,200-acre bombing range herbicide mission to eradicate invasive plants, ensuring compliance with the Noxious Weed Act.
  • I treated 20,000 prairie dog mounds spanning 1,900 acres of land surrounding the flightline, effectively protecting $2 billion worth of aircraft assets from bird air strikes.
  • I successfully removed over 400 pigeons from various roosts, safeguarding a base population of 7,000 from potential deadly diseases.
  • I revised the Shipboard Pest Management Manual, providing the fleet with the latest technological advances in pest management.
  • By developing a checklist for utilizing pest surveillance and pesticide application equipment and techniques, I ensured standardized procedures for the Navy and Marine Corps Health Center enterprise.
  • As a feral animal expert, I organized basewide controls for wild animals across 22,000 acres, effectively protecting $4 million worth of installation assets.
  • I effectively managed weed control on a two-million-square-yard airfield, supporting the BASH program and reducing bird strike mishaps by 35%.
  • I applied 500 pounds of insecticide, covering six acres of playgrounds and ballfields to protect 300 children from fire ant attacks, ensuring their safety.
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