Order of Saint George Letter of Recommendation

MEMORANDUM FOR National Executive Director, U.S. Cavalry and Armor Association

THRU COMMANDER 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 82ND CAB, Fort Bragg, NC 28310

SUBJECT: Nomination for the Order of Saint George Bronze Medallion for SFC Shawndell J. Johnson

  1. I am honored to nominate Sergeant First Class Shawndell J. Johnson for the prestigious Order of Saint George Bronze Medallion.
  2. SFC Shawndell Johnson’s exceptional tactical and technical competence as a Cavalry Troop Platoon Sergeant, along with his remarkable contributions to the Mounted Force, make him an outstanding candidate for this esteemed award.
  3. Upon being assigned to Delta Troop, 1-17 Cavalry Regiment, 82ND Combat Aviation Brigade on 01 September 2017, SFC Johnson was handpicked by the Command Sergeant Major to lead as the Component Repair Platoon Sergeant. His immediate focus was to ensure his platoon’s readiness for rapid deployment in support of the 82ND Airborne Division’s Immediate Response Force.
  4. Demonstrating his strong commitment to Cavalry traditions, SFC Johnson successfully completed his Spur ride in December 2017. During the transition from the Kiowa Warrior to the AH-64D Apache and the buildup of the Heavy Attack Reconnaissance Squadron, he actively promoted Cavalry heritage by organizing Stetson break-ins and Spur rides for new Cavalry Leaders.
  5. Notably, on approximately 04 January 2020, when the 1-17 Cavalry Regiment received orders to deploy to the Middle East in support of Operation Spartan Shield in Kuwait, SFC Johnson’s leadership shone brilliantly. Along with his CRP Platoon consisting of 43 Cavalry Troopers, he swiftly and effectively packed, prepared, inspected, and deployed 35 containers, fully supporting the Multi-Functional Aviation Task Force within the 82ND’s demanding 72-hour worldwide deployment timeline. In Kuwait, he meticulously established work/rest cycles for his platoon to ensure seamless 24-hour operations, maintenance support, and the crucial support of the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team, encompassing the entirety of the Squadron’s mission. SFC Johnson’s adaptability and readiness allowed him to promptly address any mission requirement or changes in the Squadron’s forward posture.
  6. Amidst supporting MEDEVAC, Saudi Express, and other air movement missions of the Task Force, SFC Johnson’s leadership was further put to the test. He was tasked to divide his forces to provide the necessary maintenance package to the U.S. Navy’s USS Lewis B. Puller. The mission was to project lethal AH-64E combat power forward in the North Arabian Gulf, deterring potential Iranian aggression. On 15 APR 2020, when 11 armed Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy vessels approached and harassed the U.S. Navy Fleet, the fleet of 1-17 Cavalry AH-64Es, skillfully maintained by SFC Johnson’s CRP Cavalry Troopers and piloted by top-tier Army Apache aviators, successfully deterred further aggression, safeguarding the safety and security of U.S. forces.
  7. SFC Shawndell J. Johnson embodies the very essence of a Cavalry and Armor leader. His decisiveness, tactical prowess, and technical expertise make him an exemplary candidate for the Order of Saint George Bronze Medallion.
  8. For any further inquiries, kindly contact the undersigned at 910-987-9243 or [email protected].
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