Observer Controller/Trainer (OC/T) Duty Descriptions


In the role of the S1 Observer, Coach, Trainer (OCT), they are responsible for coaching, training, and mentoring the Rotational Training Units (RTU) BCT S1. They also serve as an alternate trainer for the BCT S4 and Surgeon section staff during Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) and Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB) rotations. Their duties involve enforcing doctrine, providing guidance, and offering professional feedback through after-action reviews (AARs) and coaching sessions to enhance the unit’s training experience.

Engineer Advisor/Observer/Controller/Trainer Skill Level 4

As a Skill Level 4 Engineer Advisor/Observer/Controller/Trainer, they plan, devise, and conduct battalion-level training events and External Evaluations (EXEVALS) for Engineer units during the Army Forces Generation (ARFORGEN) training phase. They ensure that materials and planning provisions are met to facilitate the execution of battalion-level collective training events and EXEVALS for Engineer Battalions as part of the Collective Training and Evaluations Team (CTET). Additionally, they conduct on-site unit home station training for Engineer Collective Training events such as Situation Exercise (STX), Command Post Exercise (CPX), Field Training Exercise (FTX), and EXEVALS. They document observations, conduct evaluations, and assess unit operational performance, coordination, and execution of fire support. Annually, they evaluate up to six Engineer units using the training assessment model.

Military Police Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T)

In the capacity of a Military Police Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T) for a multi-component Brigade Engineer Battalion, they provide detailed training to deploying forces using Situational Training Exercises (STX) and Mission Readiness Exercises (MRX). They facilitate the deployment of small unit leadership by coaching, teaching, mentoring, and training units. They provide feedback through extensive After Action Reviews (AARs) and assist the leadership in the planning, coordination, and execution of pre-mobilization, post-mobilization, individual, and collective training.


As an OPFOR NCO for an Observer Coach/Trainer (OC/T) unit, their role involves supporting Combined Situational Training Exercise (CSTX) efforts for deploying units. They inject critical variables through the use of the physical environment, military capabilities, and ordnance to create a realistic training environment. They provide realistic field training by acting as a non-cooperative, uncompromising opponent, utilizing tactics, doctrine, and equipment representative of a composite of forces that could be encountered in current or future combat operations.


In their role as a Platoon Sergeant OC/T, they assist units with planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation of realistic and doctrinally correct lane training exercises, mobile training teams, and functional assistance visits in accordance with the Training & Evaluation Support System. They provide MOS-specific and functional area assistance to units on doctrinal matters related to mobilization, deployment, combat readiness, training, logistics, and administration. Additionally, they offer feedback to units through professional After-Action Reviews (AARs) and written reports. They may also serve as a Unit Mobilization Assistor to ensure preparation, mobilization, and validation of units in accordance with FORMDEPS for war or contingency operations.

Observer Controller Trainer/68E Dental NCO

In their role as an Observer Controller/Trainer for the 7305th Medical Training Support Battalion, they provided direct involvement with the deploying dental unit’s commander to advise and assist in tracking the unit’s progress in achieving training objectives. They were directly responsible for certifying that all pre-mobilization training was conducted to task, condition, and standard. They maintained accountability and mentored and evaluated a total of 94 Soldiers from two different exercises. Additionally, they completed two take-home packets for two dental companies, ensuring thorough training and readiness.

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