NCOIC Duty Descriptions

11B Knowledge Manager

As the 11B Knowledge Manager, they perform operational planning for an Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) comprising over 4,000 Soldiers. Their role involves supervising thirty Soldiers engaged in processing operations, logistics, administration, and intelligence information within the largest Brigade Combat Team (BDE) in the California Army National Guard (CA ARNG). They provide tactical and technical guidance to support organizations in accomplishing their missions effectively through Mission Essential Task List (METL) validations. They oversee the execution of plans, tactical operations, and training for six subordinate battalions. Additionally, they edit and prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for up to 40 companies and detachments. They hold responsibility for 10x essential Mission Command systems valued at $10 million and $6.1 million in munitions CL V. Furthermore, they serve as the Plans Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for the Mission Command Post.

Generic NCOIC Duty Description

The Generic NCOIC manages all activities in the workcenter for the Commander. They serve as the focal point for all matters related to the mission and ensure its accomplishment. They develop and maintain an effective training plan, delegate responsibilities, schedule work assignments, and allocate tasks fairly and equitably. They ensure compliance with safety requirements and the Commander’s programs. Additionally, they mentor all members, support morale, and foster professional growth. They recognize and reward achievements, enforce discipline, and monitor and conserve resources.

Human Resources NCOIC

As a Rear Detachment Human Resources NCOIC for the 306th Aerial Exploitation Battalion (AEB), they oversee the supervision and management of processing and tracking all personnel actions, awards, Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs), promotions, suspension of favorable actions, leaves and passes, Change of Command ceremonies, award ceremonies, and military pay actions. They are responsible for processing transactions into the Electronic Military Personnel Office (E-MILPO) system. Additionally, they hold responsibility for the health, welfare, training, and professional development of two NCOs and fifteen Soldiers. They also manage automation equipment valued at over $8,000.

Rear Detachment NCOIC

In their role as the Rear Detachment NCOIC for a 90-man light headquarters company during a 9-12 month deployment, they are responsible for the safety, discipline, training, combat readiness, and morale of 25 assigned Soldiers and attached personnel. They oversee administrative actions, property management, and training preparation for operations. Their duties include maintaining Soldier readiness in all areas to ensure they are prepared for deployment or transition into the civilian workforce.

Medical NCOIC

Serving as the Senior Medical NCOIC and Aid Station Senior Medic for an Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB), their responsibilities encompass the safety, discipline, training, development, health, and welfare of two Junior Enlisted Soldiers. They provide comprehensive medical support, treatment, and evacuation for the 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, United States Army Alaska, based in Fort Wainwright, Alaska (USARAK FWA).

Squad Leader and Health Care NCOIC

Simultaneously serving as a Squad Leader and Health Care NCOIC in a Patient Centered Medical Home serving a population of over 8,500 beneficiaries, their duties include assisting with outpatient care and treatment. They supervise clinical activities and ensure the serviceability of assigned equipment in their area of responsibility. They are responsible for the supervision, counseling, mentoring, and professional development of 22 professionals and 26 paraprofessionals. Additionally, they are accountable for medical equipment valued at $380,000.

Casualty Affairs NCOIC

In their previous role as the Casualty Affairs NCOIC for the Regimental Casualty Affairs Cell (RCAC), their responsibilities included receiving, tracking, and coordinating Department of the Army (DA) directed notifications for all killed in action, wounded in action, and non-battle injuries for the forward deployed Regiment. They were responsible for training and guiding the Regimental command group in the proper handling of DA notifications. Additionally, they coordinated and arranged proper funeral arrangements with the utmost dignity and respect for the Regiment’s fallen soldiers. They were also responsible for the health, welfare, and discipline of three NCOs.

Human Resources Readiness NCOIC

As the Human Resources Readiness NCOIC for a Special Forces Group consisting of three Special Forces Battalions, a Group Support Battalion, and a Headquarters Company with an aggregate strength of 1,950 Special Operations Soldiers, their responsibilities involved the health, welfare, training, and supervision of five junior enlisted Soldiers. They managed Unit Status Reports (USR), personnel actions, and the timely and accurate submission of eMILPO transactions. They were accountable for strength reporting, the Command Inspection Program, and $125,000 worth of office automation equipment.

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