• I prepared the maintenance platoon for annual training, ensuring their readiness and effectiveness.
  • I established maintenance programs supporting 5 battalions and over 50 STAMIS systems, effectively coordinating resources for efficient operations.
  • Through foresight and planning, I successfully placed mechanics and equipment in strategic locations to support the mission.
  • I co-authored and updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), including maintenance procedures, daily reports, and briefings.
  • I restructured the Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) program, achieving zero delinquencies and eliminating the backlog, resulting in annual savings of over $70,000 for the Army.
  • By identifying and providing missing service data for over 120 equipment items, I significantly improved the maintenance program.
  • I emphasized high standards for command maintenance, leading the unit to secure first place in the DA-level competition for the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence.
  • Through my involvement, the operational readiness rate remained at 96% and higher, supporting U.S. Army Network Integration and Evaluation testing of 26 systems, with 22 systems being fielded in combat operations.
  • I maintained an aggressive inspection, repair, and service program that directly improved the readiness rate by 45%.
  • I provided requirements and coordinated contracts for new maintenance contractors, totaling in excess of $100,000.
  • By developing and integrating the deployment maintenance SOP into daily actions, I streamlined procurement processes and reduced maintenance delays by 50%.
  • I provided relevant, expert, and timely advice to the commander on maintenance-related issues, ensuring informed decision-making.
  • I supervised the preparation of all equipment for shipment back to CONUS, ensuring proper handling and accountability.
  • I provided advisory, administrative, and logistical support to analysts conducting the first manpower study in 10 years, contributing to data accuracy and comprehensive analysis.
  • I maintained critical maintenance and operations information and records, ensuring adherence to strict standards and procedures.
  • By involving troops in problem-solving and implementing their solutions, I achieved a 50% reduction in maintenance backlog and maintained a consistent operational readiness rate above 98%.
  • I effectively disseminated time-sensitive information, improving work center involvement and knowledge, and reducing delays in fire support.
  • I adopted a training plan that leveraged instructional assistance from the Regional Training Institute and unit leadership, enhancing training effectiveness.
  • I ensured the commander had accurate, relevant, and actionable information readily available upon request.
  • I effectively managed all day-to-day operations for the battalion, overseeing the performance of NCOs and officers.
  • I provided invaluable leadership and technical fire support assistance to subordinate battalions during OIF/New Dawn, ensuring mission success.
  • Through my actions and examples, I demonstrated genuine concern for the safety and welfare of my soldiers.
  • I maintained continuous situational awareness for the JTF commander, overseeing teams operating in multiple locations across a large and dangerous province in the Joint Operating Area.
  • I confronted leadership when necessary to ensure fair treatment of battalion members while maintaining discipline and readiness.
  • I played a key role in the test and fielding of the army’s new GCSS-Army program for 30 UICs, 18 maintenance clerks, 9 supervisors, and Maintenance Control Officers, contributing to a successful implementation.
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