MOS 94T Avenger System Repairer Duty Description

94T Avenger System Repairer

In the role of a 94T Avenger System Repairer, one serves as a vital component of the only Short Range Air Defense Artillery Battery responsible for defending the Korean peninsula. This Battery is assigned to the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. The repairer assumes the crucial responsibility of ensuring the operational readiness of 18 Avenger Weapon Systems, which collectively hold a value exceeding $30,000,000. They employ specialized test and diagnostic equipment to effectively diagnose, analyze, and repair malfunctions in the Avenger systems. Additionally, the repairer is entrusted with the well-being, morale, welfare, discipline, safety, training, and professional growth of two Soldiers under their supervision. They are also accountable for the maintenance and upkeep of a maintenance contact vehicle and tools valued at over $1,500,000.

94T30 Avenger Section Chief (SSG/E-6)

As a 94T30 Avenger Section Chief, one assumes a leadership role within the Army’s largest Avenger Battery deployed in the Republic of Korea. They oversee and coordinate field maintenance level support for Avenger weapon systems. The section chief ensures that production backlog and job statuses are up to date, maintaining equipment valued over $24M, including trailers, generators, shelter trucks, LMTVs, and Organizational Ready Floats (ORFs) that are always ready for combat missions worldwide.

The section chief coordinates, supervises, and inspects maintenance activities for up to 24 Avenger Missile Weapon Systems and their components. They also oversee the maintenance and accountability of shop contents, including vehicles such as M1097, M1101 trailers, and the Avenger shop set, which holds a value of $4M with no losses.

With responsibility for the daily workload of 11 lower enlisted shop personnel and at least one NCO, the section chief supervises, motivates, and manages the team. They prioritize the health, welfare, morale, discipline, and training of personnel in the 94T MOS. Drawing on their technical knowledge and expertise, they contribute to the acquisition of 26 Avenger Weapon Systems valued at over $26M. Additionally, the section chief orchestrates and conducts Courageous Channel training events, ensuring readiness through live fire exercises. They also oversee the reorganization of the battery tool truck and maintain shop operations during the Brigade Command Inspection Program (CIP). Furthermore, they plan and execute system resets for all 26 Avenger systems when necessary, following military guidelines.

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