MOS 94S Patriot System Repairer Duty Descriptions

Patriot System Repairer (94S20)

As a Patriot System Repairer (94S20), one serves in the role of an Intermediate Support Element (ISE) technician, assuming responsibility for the overall well-being, training, counseling, and combat readiness of four Soldiers and their Families. They play a crucial role in maintaining the operational readiness of over 65 major end items, which hold a collective value exceeding $200,000,000. To carry out their duties effectively, the repairer utilizes a range of specialized and sophisticated test and diagnostic equipment, comprising over 30 pieces, along with over 50 technical manuals. This allows them to diagnose, analyze, and repair malfunctions in the Patriot system. Additionally, they are entrusted with the oversight of assigned property valued at over $500,000. The repairer works in close coordination with civilian counterparts for higher level maintenance, fostering a collaborative approach to ensure the efficient operation of the Patriot system.

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