MOS 94M RADAR Repairer Duty Descriptions

94M Radar Repairer Course Instructor

In the capacity of an Instructor for the 94M Radar Repairer Course, the individual plays a vital role in providing comprehensive classroom and laboratory instruction to approximately 128 U.S. and Foreign Military Students annually. The instruction focuses on basic electronics and field-level maintenance for the Firefinder, Sentinel, and Ground Surveillance Radars. As an instructor, they undertake the responsibilities of a technical writer, developing lesson plans, practical exercises, and tests. They ensure the Programs of Instruction (POI) are kept up to date. Additionally, the instructor provides leadership, performs counseling, maintains academic records, and offers academic assistance to students within the course. They hold 100% accountability for six TPQ-36 Firefinder radar sets, which are valued at $60,000,000.

MOS 94M Radar Repairer

The MOS 94M Radar Repairer provides crucial support to the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command by maintaining AN/TPQ36, AN/TPQ37, and AN/TPQ50 Firefinder RADAR systems. They are responsible for the development, training, discipline, welfare, and morale of nine Soldiers within their unit. The radar repairer conducts sensor alignments in accordance with quarterly and annual Preventive Maintenance Inspection Schedules (PMIS). They maintain and utilize schematics, wiring diagrams, and service manuals to effectively carry out their tasks. Analyzing test results, locating faults, and resolving failures are key aspects of their responsibilities. The radar repairer performs testing, troubleshooting, alignment, and component replacement as needed. They also maintain accountability for all Essential Repair Parts Stockage List (ERPSL) valued at over $2 million. Furthermore, the radar repairer contributes to the development of field maintenance standards and procedures.

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