• As the TMDE Team Chief for 183D SMC, I successfully improved the average turn-around time by 40%.
  • I established effective communication with the Iraqi Air Force (IqAF).
  • By providing calibration support to multiple contractors like Bell Helicopter and Textron Inc, I expanded the maintenance capability in the AOR.
  • I displayed an unparalleled commitment to equipment readiness.
  • In my role as the TMDE assistant, I actively pursued learning and personal growth while processing 1-75 calibration requirements.
  • Through my efforts, I reduced the maintenance backlog to a record-low of 10 days after 3 years, resulting in improved maintenance quality.
  • I meticulously maintained 130 items of TMDE equipment, ensuring the company’s equipment was fully mission capable.
  • I identified a local source for recertification, effectively saving the Army $3,000 annually.
  • I successfully turned in 125 pieces of unneeded TMDE equipment valued at over $200,000, which led to a 30% reduction in maintenance requirements.
  • I facilitated the collaborative efforts of 6 commodity shops, supporting 122 customers and completing 2,005 work orders.
  • My technical expertise played a crucial role in the repair of 144 pieces of Interior Communication and Navigation equipment.
  • I established and implemented strict TMDE account control procedures, guaranteeing the calibration and availability of 120 mission-critical items.
  • By enabling six maintenance shops to support 188 customer units and complete 3,789 work orders, I ensured efficient operations.
  • I arranged the loan of scarce TMDE equipment for pre-deployment tactical training, enhancing training opportunities and increasing deployment readiness.
  • Through my expertise, I identified and repaired a grounding hazard on an AH-64 TMDE, certifying it as fully operational and avoiding mission delays.
  • I successfully repaired a grounding fault on critical TMDE, preventing the item from being condemned and saving the Army $20,000 in replacement costs.
  • I installed, calibrated, and tested 37 medical and dental equipment items valued at over $100,000, resulting in savings of over $20,000 in installation and contract costs.
  • I effectively troubleshot and repaired the XXXX shop’s Automatic Pressure Calibrator, restoring it to service and saving $60,000 in replacement costs.
  • I collaborated closely with the shop supervisor in the logistical planning and on-site calibration of the Navy’s Mobile Dive Trailer.
  • I provided mentorship to new apprentices, guiding them in the repair and calibration of pressure measuring instruments.
  • I supervised the removal of 150 pieces of damaged and obsolete equipment worth over $200,000.
  • I developed and oversaw the micro-miniature and gauge calibration programs, and I trained 6 Soldiers in the certification process and requirements.
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