• I successfully prepared five companies for deployment to various combat zones, ensuring that personnel were well-trained and equipment was in operational condition.
  • I organized water cross-training sessions for fuelers, truck drivers, and engineers, which enhanced self-sufficiency and expanded our service capabilities.
  • I was entrusted with the responsibility of handling all water-related issues supporting the unit, and I exceeded expectations in sustaining the mission.
  • I established the water purification station for the 1st Platoon, freeing the unit from dependence on NATO forces and significantly improving our readiness posture.
  • I maintained an exceptional operational readiness rate of 95% for non-standard water purification equipment worth over $1 million, which was the best rate achieved in five years.
  • I implemented rigorous, realistic, and effective training for the water purification section of the 3rd Platoon, resulting in outstanding performance in real-world scenarios.
  • While deployed in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 2, I provided over 2 million gallons of purified water for FOB Speicher.
  • I consistently produced 100,000 gallons of clean water daily, which sustained the soldiers in MND North Iraq and greatly contributed to the overall success of the platoon’s mission.
  • I successfully repaired five 200-foot water wells, resulting in a 400% increase in drinking water production and enabling the expansion of the base to accommodate 1,600 personnel.
  • I actively assisted in the establishment of an Iraqi Army drinking water bottling plant, promoting self-sufficiency among the Iraqi forces.
  • Leading a three-person team, I ensured a constant supply of potable water at a critical forward operating location, which was crucial for the mission’s success.
  • I diligently prepared four companies for deployment, ensuring that personnel received proper training and operational equipment was shipped to multiple combat zones.
  • As the leader of the water team, I successfully set up and operated the tactical water purification system, producing 1,000 gallons of water on the first day of water operations.
  • I dedicated 24 hours to guard 44 TCNs for the Eskan Village $4 Million water project, which involved modernizing a 50-year-old system and upgrading the base’s water supply.
  • I played a significant role in setting up the 1st Platoon’s water purification section.
  • By scheduling water cross-training for fuelers, truck drivers, and engineers, I increased the mission’s survivability.
  • I deployed in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 2 and provided over 1 million gallons of purified water to FOB Speicher.
  • I successfully established the tactical water purification system, certified it as potable, and produced 1,000 gallons of water on the first day of water operations.
  • Through foresight, planning, and hard work, I led the water section to produce 4,000 gallons of water and transfer 3,000 gallons in bulk.
  • I demonstrated exceptional motivation and leadership during the initial phase of the Quartermaster Liquid Logistics Exercise 2017.
  • I assisted in the execution of Ammo 67 and Accident Avoidance Course, resulting in 70% of soldiers being trained and qualified.
  • I identified and isolated the source of a JP-8 fuel line that was being introduced into the sanitary sewer system, thus protecting a $20 million Waste Water Treatment Plant from irreversible damage and preventing a major environmental incident.
  • In the absence of any authority, I assumed responsibility for all water-related issues within the unit.
  • I provided water and waste services to 151 facilities spanning 2,750 acres in support of Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM and NEW DAWN.
  • I established the water purification section, supporting the setup of a tent city consisting of 37 TEMPER tents and 11 shower and latrine units, which accommodated 400 multinational personnel.
  • I maintained an impressive operational readiness rate of 95% for scarce water purification equipment worth over $1 million.
  • Despite base infrastructure limitations, I overcame obstacles to provide Force Protection support for 20 vehicles needed to deliver over 500,000 gallons of life-sustaining assets.
  • I personally delivered $200,000 worth of mission-sustaining water, ensuring the presence of 50 individual drop points throughout the base.
  • I contributed to the rebuilding and improvement of a Fitness Center annex facility by transporting and setting up over $45,000 worth of fitness equipment, resulting in an increased usage rate.
  • I actively participated in a contingency lodging project, constructing seven shelters within 18 hours, which increased bed space availability by 15% and enabled the base to support a personnel surge.
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