• Conducted over 6,000 analyses on 1.3 thousand samples, ensuring quality and readiness.
  • Played a vital role during the element’s semi-annual assessment, earning an outstanding rating.
  • Implemented step-by-step systematic compliance with policy.
  • Supplied 1,000 gallons of AVGAS to the Predators, marking the DOD’s largest UAV mission.
  • Certified the Camp Bondsteel POL Lab for the first time in 3 years.
  • Conducted water fording training while serving as the Det. NCOIC for CCMRF.
  • Supervised quality control for five different HEMTT fuel tankers on the AASF#2 flight line.
  • Calibrated six pantograph meters within eight hours, enabling accurate inventory of jet fuel.
  • Sampled over 50,000 gallons of fuel and tracked the calibration and repairs for 45 equipment items valued at $95,000.
  • Responded to a pipeline leak that identified six contaminated R-11s containing over 38,000 gallons of JP-8, securing $1.1 billion in mission-critical assets.
  • Led a three-person crew, directing the exposure and repair of a damaged line, saving the Army $20,000 in costs.
  • Managed the quality control of the largest fuel account in the Area of Responsibility.
  • Modernized the 1940s-style fuel system by installing pantograph systems on the fill stands and replacing flow control valves in the pump house, as well as the outlet control valves on the storage tanks.
  • Volunteered for and attended numerous schools, including Fuels Accounting, Transportable Hydrant Refueling System, and Fuels Lab.
  • Deployed to Aviano, Italy, which served as a refueling hub in support of Operation Allied Force, supporting operations in Bosnia.
  • Collected 756 samples and performed 2,220 analyses to ensure the integrity of 115 million gallons of jet fuel.
  • Supported the buildup of the Bagram Air Base Afghanistan fuels lab.
  • Assembled and shipped over $10,000 worth of high-demand fuel testing equipment in less than two weeks.
  • Conducted 5 critical grey foam tests for a C130 Hercules, validating fuel tank integrity in support of OPERATION NEW DAWN.
  • Provided detailed training, licensing, and review of key operational readiness requirements for the unit.
  • Equipped forward operation bases/forward operation location fuels lab with $9,000 worth of high-demand testing items in less than two weeks.
  • Performed 6 annualized heavy hydrocarbons aviation gas tests for the Air Force Petroleum Agency Area Lab, supporting 8 Army/unmanned aerial vehicle Predator forward operation bases.
  • Completed 9.5K samples/analyses, ensuring the quality of over 120 million gallons of fuel in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
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