• Successfully supervised scheduled maintenance operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, completing eight annual services and repairing two essential equipment items despite limited manpower and resources.
  • Troubleshot and repaired the Large Capacity Field Heater with available parts during a field training exercise, restoring heat for Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanics and ensuring adequate rest.
  • Achieved a 100% rating on the OIP inspection.
  • Replaced worn seals, enabling the irrigation of an additional 7,000 hectares of land.
  • Identified and repaired a wiring short between the ejector pump and M80 water heater, restoring shower operations at FOB Chapman.
  • Reorganized the S1 office to align with SOP guidelines.
  • Developed the necessary skills and knowledge to work outside of the primary MOS, contributing to mission completion.
  • Recognized by the Commander as the most efficient and resourceful Section Sergeant in the Squadron.
  • Assisted in the completion of ten work orders during the first five days of Annual Training.
  • Efficiently distributed and maintained accountability for over $10 million worth of equipment and parts, facilitating day-to-day maintenance in support of Operation Spartan Shield.
  • Repaired a damaged 200A power distribution box that supplied three-phase power to the TEMPER/CP tent, restoring lights, communication, and mission operations.
  • Acted as a hazardous cargo classifier and signed all transportation documents for the Garrison.
  • Identified the need for and established the first hazardous waste collection point in Ahn Bar Province to fulfill duties effectively.
  • Created a composite bonding machine that significantly reduced repair time from 24 hours to 3 hours per repair.
  • Ensured the unit performed all logistical operations without any mechanical breakdowns during full spectrum operations.
  • Converted an HMMWV heater to provide hot water for 17 personnel at a classified outpost, improving hygiene and the standard of living.
  • Enabled the section to maintain equipment at a high state of readiness during the move from Sea Girt to Fort Dix.
  • Played a crucial role in accounting for all water equipment, contributing to the successful move and future readiness.
  • Contributed to the overall success of repairing and operating a fleet of fuel vehicles and fuel tankers deployed at several FOBs.
  • Provided support to the mission of the CMRE MRT team in FOB Pasab, Afghanistan, while assigned to 3/2 ACR.
  • Isolated and replaced a thermoelectric fan to improve heat distribution by 75%.
  • Documented over 100 lines of repairable and serviceable parts, ensuring maintenance readiness.
  • Created a 28VDC NATO-compatible cable to draw power from a vehicle, restoring heating for shelters.
  • Collaborated with Navy personnel on adapting the M28 Liner for MGPTS, enhancing collective hardening capabilities.
  • Successfully completed multiple projects, managed logistics operations, and improved customer service quality for all joint personnel.
  • Operationalized the RETROSORT Yard, contributing to the operations of FOB Pasab.
  • Anticipated breakdowns and ordered necessary parts, ensuring zero downtime for laundry services—a rare achievement.
  • Enhanced the unit’s Lodging in Kind (LIK) program by coordinating with vendors, ensuring complete paperwork and payment, and maintaining a strong working relationship between them and the U.S. Army.
  • Completed TM Verification ahead of schedule, placing needed equipment in the hands of capable Soldiers.
  • Provided guidance to team members during cataloging and documentation phases, assisting leadership effectively.
  • Oversaw the drawdown of Customs operations, overseeing the turn-in of over $5 million in accountable property and the disposal of over 20 TEU containers.
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