• Successfully trained the 232 CSSB in primary marksmanship for the MK19 automatic grenade launcher.
  • Acted as squad leader during FTX conducted at MOUT site Marseilles and provided instruction on the PAS13 system to 17 soldiers.
  • Efficiently completed inventories and 7 work orders for the turrets project.
  • Demonstrated exceptional performance during the deployment to Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan.
  • Effectively managed benchstock as an NCO, ordering benchstock worth over $75,000 and ensuring parts were always available.
  • Maintained accident-free operations and relied on the squad to respond to incidents calmly and with sound judgment.
  • Prioritized the professional development of specialists, enabling them to become skilled NCOs.
  • Assumed leadership of the night shift for 6 weeks in the absence of the Squad Leader.
  • Shared valuable insights from previous annual trainings, teaching peers how to identify and rectify crucial deficiencies in the M777A2 Weapon System.
  • Established the NIE Transient Arms Room, implementing robust physical security procedures aligned with Task Force operations.
  • Conducted comprehensive training on checking and verifying the nitrogen and hydraulic systems of the M777A2, resulting in a 50% reduction in failures.
  • Repeatedly acted as squad leader during FTX conducted at MOUT site Marseilles.
  • Successfully completed 9 work orders for the turrets project.
  • Efficiently provided pre-embarkation services for the entire 1st Battalion within a tight deadline of 72 hours.
  • Ensured the service and repair of over 500 weapon systems, resolving 40 faults and restoring full mission capability.
  • Maintained 100% accountability of all small-arms equipment without any losses or damage.
  • Developed a comprehensive training class focusing on the effective use and marksmanship of the MK19 automatic grenade launcher.
  • Maintained seamless communication with senior and subordinate units while being part of the Combat Aviation Brigade’s small-arms service team.
  • Instructed 12 soldiers in the operation of the PAS 13 system.
  • Delivered exceptional performance, resulting in E Co. 3-25 GSAB passing its Safety inspection.
  • Played a vital role in the success of Bravo Company and Task Force Hammerheads, utilizing experience, innovation, and proficiency.
  • Expertly serviced and repaired over 6,000 weapons during the assignment to the 632nd Maintenance Company.
  • Maintained an impressive 96% equipment readiness rate as the Company’s TMDE monitor.
  • Established and managed the brigade small-arms repair facility, significantly contributing to the brigade’s mission sustainability.
  • Earned a reputation for reliability, competence, and established unwavering trust among the Soldiers of units under the 25TH CAB for repairs and services.
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