• I effectively supervised eight NCOs and five Soldiers, ensuring the maintenance and operational readiness of all ground equipment at a remarkable 100% FMC (Fully Mission Capable) rate for 13 consecutive months.
  • With meticulous attention to detail, I certified all seven battalion water buffaloes and flawlessly prepared 10 vehicles, five trailers, and water buffaloes for a tactical convoy to Camp Blanding, showcasing exceptional logistics expertise.
  • I proactively cross-trained in three additional MOSs (Military Occupational Specialties): 91D Generator Mechanic, 91C Utilities Equipment Repairer, and 92A Automated Logistics Specialist. This enhanced my flexibility and proficiency, enabling me to contribute effectively in various roles.
  • During my tenure as a Specialist, I assumed the responsibilities of Generator and Utility NCO, leading the generator maintenance team to increase maintenance efficiency by an impressive 60% across the board.
  • With a strong focus on physical security, I meticulously inspected all vehicles, ensuring the installation and proper use of steering wheel locks and chains, thereby eliminating unauthorized use.
  • I demonstrated exemplary accountability by maintaining 100% control over $15,000 worth of section property, including tools, ensuring their availability and preventing losses.
  • During the transition period as we assumed the mission from 203D MI down trace units, I provided valuable support and successfully recovered two vehicles during Annual Training.
  • As the acting BMO (Battalion Motor Officer) for HHC (Headquarters and Headquarters Company) during Annual Training, I received all vehicles for the mission, repaired a down vehicle, conducted AMMO (Ammunition) runs, and ensured fuel supply for all vehicles, effectively fulfilling the role of BMO.
  • I demonstrated versatility and proficiency as I assisted as a UH-60M Black Hawk mechanic, overseeing aircraft washes and performing minor repairs, contributing to the overall readiness of the aviation assets.
  • Taking the initiative, I assumed key-control accountability for 79 pieces of equipment, implementing strict procedures that resulted in zero defects and improved security.
  • I spearheaded the motor pool’s parts operation, efficiently organizing hundreds of parts across six connexes, thereby facilitating faster overall repair times and enhancing operational effectiveness.
  • By organizing the proper storage and turning in of wrong parts and Class IX (Repair Parts and Components) excess, I optimized stockage for the 338th unit and improved material readiness for other units in ASG-Kuwait.
  • Through the restructuring of the motor pool’s 5988s (Equipment Maintenance and Inspection Worksheets), I consolidated jobs based on parts availability and equipment deadline intervals, resulting in fewer and shorter deadline intervals, streamlining maintenance operations.
  • During our assumption of the mission from the 1203rd, I provided vital support to 5th Engineer Bn, successfully recovering 13 vehicles during named operations.
  • I fulfilled the role of a light wheel vehicle mechanic and wrecker operator during the battalion’s deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), contributing to the maintenance and recovery of critical assets.
  • Through dedication to duty and technical expertise, I made significant contributions to C Battery’s maintenance success, ensuring the battalion’s equipment remained in optimal condition.
  • Through my commitment and dedication, I accumulated over 550 man-hours in a quarter, demonstrating my strong work ethic and drive to support the unit’s mission.
  • My superb technical knowledge played a key role in Golf Company’s maintenance platoon winning the USARAK (United States Army Alaska) Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME), recognizing our exceptional maintenance capabilities.
  • I played a pivotal role in sustaining the battalion’s operational readiness rate of 95% by performing over 200 unscheduled repairs to the 1-501 wheeled vehicle fleet within a one-year period, ensuring the unit’s readiness for mission-critical tasks.
  • Recognized for my competence and expertise, I was specifically requested by the Delaware Company Command team to lead a dedicated Field Maintenance Team during JRTC (Joint Readiness Training Center) 14-6, contributing to the unit’s success.
  • With flawless execution and oversight, I facilitated the lateral transfer of 16 pieces of motor pool equipment, adhering strictly to 10/20 standards, ensuring efficient equipment distribution.
  • I expedited the recovery and repair of over 30 vehicles, allowing the unit to remain combat-ready and responsive to operational demands.
  • I volunteered to provide support to the 1-25 ATK Battalion’s Aerial Gunnery, leveraging my expertise and experience to contribute to the successful execution of the mission.
  • Through my expertise and experience, I played a vital role in maintaining the battalion’s ground equipment at the highest level of readiness, ensuring operational effectiveness.
  • I assumed the role of shift supervisor, supporting over 70 critical annual, semi-annual, and unscheduled maintenance tasks on all rolling stock, effectively leading the team to achieve mission objectives.
  • I provided training to seven soldiers on towing, craning, and winching with the M984A2 HEMTT wrecker, enhancing their technical skills and operational proficiency.
  • My dedication and automotive system knowledge ensured that the battalion’s vehicles met scheduled convoys on time, contributing to the overall readiness and mission success.
  • With a steadfast commitment to safety, I displayed a dogged devotion to the well-being of my soldiers. Through meticulous risk management, I analyzed all of the squad’s daily activities, ensuring accident prevention and the preservation of soldier safety.
  • My ability to read the situation and make informed decisions allowed me to strategically position my team the farthest from the rest of the company, optimizing our operational effectiveness in challenging environments.
  • I consistently provided intelligent critiques and suggestions, fostering an environment of continuous improvement within the squad. These valuable insights helped the team enhance their skills and preparedness for ever-changing tactical conditions.
  • I conducted over 100 critical annual and semi-annual Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) on equipment, ensuring their operational reliability and adherence to maintenance standards.
  • Through diligent diligence, I ensured zero accidents or injuries during eleven months of combat operations, prioritizing the safety of personnel and equipment in high-pressure environments.
  • I serviced and repaired a total of 28 MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles and 4 M984 wreckers, demonstrating my technical proficiency and dedication to maintaining critical assets.
  • I took the initiative to install several upgrades to the fleet, including gunner platforms, route clearance lights, and generator modifications, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of the vehicles.
  • Leveraging my resourcefulness and knowledge as a mechanic, I successfully returned 3 vehicles to Full Mission Capable (FMC) status in a single day, highlighting my ability to swiftly troubleshoot and resolve complex mechanical issues.
  • While deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 07-09, I performed the duties of a PLL/TAMMS Clerk, showcasing my versatility and commitment to supporting the mission.
  • With a strong sense of responsibility, I diligently directed traffic in and out of the shop, ensuring the safety of personnel and vehicles within the motor pool area.
  • As a maintenance and service manager, I efficiently oversaw four trailers and five load handling systems, ensuring their proper functioning and availability for mission requirements.
  • I developed and implemented a challenging and realistic night recovery mission for students, contributing to their readiness and proficiency in handling complex recovery operations.
  • During the battalion’s deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 2009, I served as a wrecker operator, providing critical recovery capabilities and ensuring the mobility of the unit’s assets.
  • I trained 7 junior enlisted soldiers in their Warrior Task Training and technical fields, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.
  • Through my dedication to duty and technical expertise, I made significant contributions to C Battery’s maintenance success, ensuring the battalion’s equipment remained in optimal condition and readiness.
  • I accumulated over 661 man-hours in a single quarter, showcasing my commitment and dedication to accomplishing tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • I actively worked outside my primary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) to assist the maintenance platoon in completing 2 services and 20 repairs during the Biak phase of annual training, demonstrating my versatility and willingness to go above and beyond.
  • I played a vital role in identifying, inventorying, and turning in over 1500 lines of PLL, optimizing supply management and ensuring accurate accountability of critical equipment.
  • During our assumption of the mission from a rotating unit, I provided valuable support to 3rd Engineer Battalion, successfully recovering over twenty vehicles during named operations, ensuring the continuity of mission operations.
  • I assisted in the inventory and turn-in of 5.5 million dollars’ worth of excess parts and equipment, streamlining inventory management and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Displaying resilience and resourcefulness, I repaired a contract truck under fire on Supply Route Tampa, ensuring the vehicle’s recovery before nightfall and maintaining the flow of critical supplies and support.
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