• Flagged excess and obsolete equipment within the unit’s Maintenance Expenditure Limits (MEL), positioning the unit for efficient and effective operations.
  • Successfully turned in two delinquent Property Storage Documents (PSDs) and repaired a transmission and wiring harness for two long Non-Mission Capable (NMC) vehicles, restoring their operational status after being out of service for over a year.
  • Leveraged networking with other Warrant Officers to identify and flag excess equipment, ensuring the sustained high readiness rate of the motorpool above 95% throughout the deployment.
  • Proactively identified equipment due for turn-in, significantly reducing equipment downtime and maintaining the motorpool’s operational readiness rate above 95%.
  • Coordinated with the Environmental Management Division to have the company HAZMAT area inspected, resulting in the motorpool passing the DPW (Department of Public Works) inspection.
  • Effectively tracked over 9,200 equipment items during fielding, ensuring the unit maintained an accurate depiction of readiness.
  • Established maintenance programs and fostered connections for 5 battalions and over 40 STAMIS (Standard Army Management Information System) systems, streamlining maintenance operations and enhancing efficiency.
  • Successfully executed motor pool operations for multiple units, completing over 300 Job Orders on all Fall Classic Equipment.
  • Managed the recovery of 210 vehicles and facilitated their repair, ensuring they were restored to operational status.
  • Developed and implemented a driver training program from scratch, resulting in a significant increase in the company’s qualified and licensed drivers from 10% to 90% within a span of 3 months.
  • Challenged and motivated Soldiers to aggressively manage their careers, resulting in the graduation of two Soldiers from Senior Leadership Course (SLC), two Soldiers from Advanced Leader Course (ALC), and three Soldiers from Warrior Leader Course (WLC).
  • Implemented prepositioning of spare parts, a groundbreaking initiative that significantly reduced maintenance delays and expedited the restoration of tracked assets to operational status.
  • Expertly guided the transition from Unit Level Logistic System – Ground (ULLS-G) to the Standard Army Maintenance System – IE (SAMS-1E) Maintenance Supply system, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition in maintenance operations.
  • Achieved exceptional results with a 95% Partial Work Element (PWE) and a 99% material general rating during COMET, maintaining an outstanding overall average of 99.5% for all reportable equipment in the Army Material Status System (AMSS).
  • Executed and provided oversight of the lateral transfer of 32 motorpool equipment items, ensuring compliance with 10/20 standards.
  • Conducted meticulous PBUSE (Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced) to SAMS1-E scrubs until all equipment administrative data matched, resulting in Support Battalion’s first error-free AMSS in over 5 years.
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