• I fostered an environment that promoted continual military education among my team members, emphasizing the importance of ongoing learning and professional development.
  • I provided crucial Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) support to the U.S. Secret Service, ensuring the protection of the President of the United States (POTUS) during APEC and the Presidential holiday vacation.
  • I trained 200 deploying soldiers on IED awareness and enemy tactics, significantly enhancing their knowledge of explosive safety and increasing their survival skills.
  • With meticulous planning and execution, I successfully completed 43 EOD missions, disposing of 553 pounds of unstable unexploded ordnance (UXOs) without causing damage to property or loss of life.
  • In response to a RKG 3 attack on the platoon sergeant vehicle, I effectively cordoned off the area, enabling EOD to assess the situation and vehicle for damage.
  • I provided valuable assistance to Marine EOD mentors and ANA forces by facilitating the downloading and movement of Humvee Mine Rollers.
  • I trained ANA personnel in assisting with ground operations, preparing them for their roles with minimal notice.
  • I skillfully orchestrated the deployment back to Fort Campbell, ensuring no losses of government equipment and setting the stage for a smooth reset in the future.
  • I created a comprehensive maintenance schedule to ensure the operational readiness and proper maintenance of all equipment, preparing us for multiple field exercises and ultimately our deployment to Afghanistan.
  • I assumed UMO duties for our company, successfully coordinating movement to Afghanistan while concurrently managing the deployment to JRTC.
  • In challenging circumstances, I sustained operations with limited equipment by borrowing resources from the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Polk.
  • I efficiently scheduled and obtained necessary equipment for the EOD shop, effectively coordinating supply issues and arranging maintenance when needed.
  • In response to the identification of two IED pressure plates in a road, I promptly and safely secured the area, followed proper procedures, and executed a controlled detonation.
  • I developed a comprehensive training syllabus covering essential EOD skills and detailed daily plans, which were approved by the MFF EOD commander and staff.
  • I trained the MFF on various essential skills, including zeroing rifles, positional shooting, shooting while moving, and a combined skills stress course.
  • I effectively supervised the maintenance of the EOD 8 bomb suits and EOD 9 helmets, successfully replacing over $50,000 worth of faulty components.
  • Through effective leadership and management, I increased the company’s readiness by ensuring that all EOD teams had two fully operational bomb suits.
  • I meticulously planned and executed the SOF EOD Training Pipeline Week 0, ensuring a safe and effective assessment during the initial week of training.
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