Battalion Land and Ammunition NCO

  • I made significant improvements to the ammunition distribution system, successfully delivering 37,268 rounds of small arms and 618 rockets during NTC 20-10.
  • I played a vital role in planning attack guidance to support Division fires during NTC 20-10, resulting in the destruction of 42 enemy air defense pieces.

Ammunition Inspector

  • I effectively coordinated over 8,000 ammunition drops, ensuring that over 90 ranges and training sites were properly equipped for training purposes.
  • With exceptional supervision skills, I successfully facilitated the turn-in of over 15,000 ammunition documents without any incidents, strictly enforcing the MCoEs safety standards.
  • Through the implementation of efficient processes for three ammunition shifts, I ensured that soldiers were fully proficient in all aspects of their assigned duties.
  • As the manager of ammunition assets valued at over 45 million dollars, I flawlessly handled over 10,000 deliveries of ammunition, maintaining a perfect incident-free record.
  • I supervised the ammunition renovation process, resulting in approximately $10 million in cost savings for the installation.
  • I maintained 100% accountability and ensured a 98% mission readiness rate for all assigned equipment, valued at over $4 million.

Ammunition Specialist

  • I significantly improved the efficiency and operation of my unit’s Ammunition Holding Area, leading to enhanced mission success.
  • Through determination, foresight, and unwavering commitment, I successfully facilitated the refueling of 14 aircraft, ensuring the continuity of operations.
  • I played a crucial role in pumping over 10,000 liters of JP8 fuel, enabling the exercise to stay on schedule and contributing to the best Aerial Gunnery performance for 1-3 ARB.
  • In support of sister units’ CREW ground mount qualifications and additional training, I safely transported 250,000 rounds of standard ammunition and 700 rounds of pyrotechnics.
  • I set a company record by moving a total of 550 short tons of munitions worth an estimated $20 million, showcasing my dedication and efficiency.
  • As an 89B for Bravo Company, I provided unwavering and tireless support in my duties, earning recognition for my exceptional contributions.
  • Leveraging my experience in assisting with refueling operations, I was selected as the Ammo Supply Specialist for the special forces FARP.
  • I demonstrated outstanding performance by taking on the supervision of over 100 ammunition inventories, assisting with scheduled inventories and ASP maintenance.
  • I meticulously arranged storage points and properly placed munitions in accordance with NEW and blast radius guidelines during Table 18.
  • I played an instrumental role in the shipment of over 800,000 rounds of ammunition to Bahgram, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).
  • Through my “can do” attitude and relentless pursuit of excellence, I fostered a competitive working environment, driving success and achievement.
  • I issued 25 separate DODICs, totaling over $5,000,000, while working in the issue and turn-in area.
  • I efficiently processed ammunition requests, managed ammunition turn-ins, and established transport operating procedures to ensure safety and mission accomplishment.
  • I maintained 100% accountability for over 200,500 rounds of ammunition, valued at over $125,000.

Ammunition Manager

  • I identified new tasks and eliminated training gaps during the 89B Critical Task Site Selection Board, contributing to the development and implementation of new critical tasks for future Ammunition Specialists.
  • I received a commendable rating of 100% on the FCOE Safety inspection, demonstrating my commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.
  • I successfully processed the turn-in of live ammunition worth over 1 million dollars, 2 tons of residue, and 300 expenditure documents, ensuring accurate property book records.
  • I played a key role in the success of the Brigade’s training mission, contributing to overall readiness and effectiveness.
  • I deployed as a Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar Sense and Warn Team Leader to Multinational Division Center South, where I effectively assembled and activated reserve Counter Mortar Radar, restoring Full Operational Capability (FOC) within minutes.
  • I accomplished all paperwork necessary for 2-214 FA to be the first battalion to complete the handover of ammunition property books from TF Bastogne.
  • With dedication and expertise, I volunteered to maintain the squad HMMWV, consistently winning the “Best M998 of the Quarter” award for the past three quarters.
  • I maintained exceptional fitness levels, consistently scoring over 290 points on all APFTs.
  • I demonstrated combat proficiency by scoring expert on both my assigned M4 and the M240B.
  • Without incident, I issued over 2 million dollars’ worth of ammunition to three batteries across six FOBs/COBs spanning 20 miles of austere terrain.
  • Excelling at the operation, safety, and organization required for the M2 range, I efficiently ran the battalion ammunition supply point.
  • I proactively coordinated ammunition policy changes with battery commanders to maintain readiness and ensure adherence to updated regulations.

Ammunition NCO

  • Throughout Camp Marmal/Pratt sites, I ensured exceptional storage for CAPA and FARP operations during the USFOR-A Explosives Safety Inspection.
  • I implemented training improvements that resulted in an 80% reduction in overlooked processes and improved overall safety within my team of 13 soldiers.
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