• For a duration of 6 months, I successfully managed the Counter ISIS Training and Equipment Fund – Iraq (CTEF-I), effectively overseeing operations and ensuring its success.
  • With meticulous oversight, I flawlessly divested $333,000 worth of ammunition to Kurdish Peshmerga Forces, maintaining impeccable accountability with zero discrepancies.
  • I provided valuable assistance and advice to the Peshmerga forces, guiding them on proper accountability and storage procedures for their Class V stocks.
  • I efficiently directed cell policing actions in compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) policies.
  • I supervised the ammunition renovation process, resulting in significant cost savings of approximately $4 million for the installation.
  • Through my involvement in the MOS 89B Critical Task Site Selection Board, I identified new tasks and eliminated training gaps, ensuring comprehensive training for future generations of Ammunition Specialists.
  • I developed and implemented new critical tasks that enhanced the training program for Ammunition Specialists, further improving their readiness and effectiveness.
  • I effectively coordinated ammunition policy changes with battery commanders in order to maintain readiness and adherence to updated regulations.
  • I provided critical training to 230 deploying soldiers on IED awareness and enemy tactics, significantly improving their knowledge of countermeasures and reducing injuries by 60%.
  • Through careful planning and execution, I successfully completed 55 EOD missions, disposing of 10,000 pounds of unstable unexploded ordnance (UXOs) without causing damage to property or loss of life.
  • I developed a comprehensive training syllabus outlining essential EOD skills and detailed daily plans, which were approved by the MFF EOD commander and staff.
  • With meticulous planning and coordination, I ensured the smooth movement of all SSO equipment and classified documents, minimizing downtime for the G2 SSO offices.
  • I effectively coordinated over 6,000 ammunition drops, supporting more than 70 ranges and effectively training and qualifying 33,000 soldiers.
  • With strict adherence to safety protocols, I supervised the turn-in of over 12,000 ammunition documents without any incidents, consistently enforcing the MCoEs standard of safety.
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