• As a highly dedicated NCO, I consistently achieved outstanding results in all assigned tasks. Additionally, I effectively identified and resolved issues faced by soldiers.
  • I streamlined the shipment process, reducing the turnaround time for deliveries to less than 48 hours.
  • I took the initiative to rewrite and publish the 39th IBCT transportation SOP, which was subsequently adopted at the state level and by all MACOMs.
  • At the Ft Dix mobilization platform, I conducted hands-on training for rail and air operations, resulting in a significant reduction in transfer delays.
  • With exceptional accuracy, I tracked and verified over 100 convoys for the 39th IBCT, achieving an unsurpassed 97% accuracy rate.
  • I developed and implemented a comprehensive cross-training program between the S1 and S4 sections.
  • Successfully, I submitted and tracked all Transportation Movement Requests (TMR) for two battalion movements from Camp Taji in support of Operation Wildcat.
  • I supervised and ensured sustained maintenance on tracked and wheeled vehicles, construction equipment, and special-purpose equipment.
  • Coordinating the battalion’s reset program, I efficiently redeployed the unit twice, overseeing the maintenance and reset of twenty-two AH64-D Apache Attack Helicopters, prime movers, and all air and ground support equipment.
  • In my role as the support maintenance machine shop supervisor, I effectively supervised recovery operations on tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles, and related activities.
  • I flawlessly relocated the unit to the National Training Center and back to Fort Riley, without any loss of government equipment.
  • I supervised the accountability, tracking, and deconfliction of movements, as well as the tracking of containers and equipment transported by Host Nation trucks.
  • During a three-month deployment, I served as the Battalion S4, successfully managing the closeout of all Class I, II, IX accounts and facilitating the turn-in of facilities in Kuwait.
  • Recognizing the need for improvements, I identified, proposed, and implemented necessary changes to the traffic management system, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • I efficiently managed the logistical setup of operations, including the Field Ordering Officer (FOO) and Army Direct Ordering (ADO) operations.
  • I authorized necessary diversions, reconsignments, or transfers of freight and material in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • I provided valuable coaching and support to operational teams, ensuring the success of missions departing from the Iraqi Truck Company Yard to various Forward Operating Bases (FOB) throughout Iraq.
  • By providing support to the entire Supply and Services branch, I enabled the S&S branch to focus on supporting the build-up of the CJOA-A, effectively multiplying the mission capability of JSC-A.
  • I regularly interacted with Local Nationals (LN) and Foreign Nationals (FN), consistently ensuring that all missions met their scheduled times.
  • Before the drawdown and the movement of two Battalions to support the enhanced Combat Aviation Brigade (eCAB), I successfully completed over 60 Theatre Property Equipment (TPE) lateral transfer directives.
  • In a highly deployable Area Support Group, serving as the S-4 Maintenance Management NCO, I provided comprehensive maintenance and logistical support to four Battalions and nine companies.
  • I developed a new Standard Operating Procedure that significantly improved OPORD production efficiency.
  • Through effective leadership, I ensured the effectiveness and success of numerous unit missions, including WAREX, mobilization, and Staff EX at Ft Dix.
  • By implementing improvements, I reduced OPORD deficiencies by 40% and revamped the OPORD production process, effectively clearing a backlog of 20 past-due OPORDs.
  • Over the course of my duties, I successfully processed over 300 OPORDs and meticulously oversaw the execution of over 150 missions.
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