C-130 Tactical Loadmaster

  • I consistently maintained an average of 96% throughout all loadmaster schools, demonstrating my commitment to excellence in the field.
  • I held high standards as an Airdrop accident investigator, ensuring safety and adherence to protocols.
  • I played an instrumental role in training Air Cargo Specialists, imparting valuable knowledge and skills.

Movement NCO

  • As a Transportation Management Supervisor for a FORSCOM Movement Control Team aligned with the 53rd JMCB, I effectively oversaw the successful deployment of 20 brigade combat teams and 2 division headquarters, which encompassed over 24,000 military cargo items from 11 widely separated CONUS installations.
  • I supervised accountability, tracking, and deconflicting of movements, ensuring smooth operations and tracking of containers and equipment transported by Host Nation Trucks.
  • During the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade’s OEF deployment from WSAAF, Fort Drum to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, I provided comprehensive movement support, contributing to a successful mission.
  • I proactively initiated, researched, and proposed necessary changes to the traffic management system, optimizing cost-effectiveness.
  • Through tireless efforts and meticulous attention to detail, I enhanced operational support and significantly contributed to the accomplishment of the unit’s mission.
  • I supervised the diversion, reconsignment, or transfer of freight and material in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • I successfully completed the closeout of all Class I, II, IX accounts and the turn-in of facilities in Kuwait.
  • I oversaw the successful execution of missions departing from the Iraqi Truck Company Yard to various Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) throughout Iraq.
  • My expertise in developing the battalion’s total transportation plan during an OEF Distribution Conference, attended by over 40 units, earned recognition from the Battalion Commander.
  • I effectively interacted with Local Nationals and Foreign Nationals to consistently meet SP times for all missions.
  • With meticulous planning, I successfully moved 200 Soldiers and 50 tons of equipment from Fort Sill, Oklahoma into the theater, maintaining 100% accountability of both the unit’s and Soldiers’ personal equipment.
  • In my role as the S-4 Maintenance Management NCO in a deployable Area Support Group, I provided crucial maintenance and logistical support for 2 Battalions and 4 companies.
  • I skillfully organized and prioritized the movements of 11 Soldiers and 1 Airman, ensuring their timely attendance to over 30 medical, dental, and training evolutions.
  • I diligently processed and monitored Government Travel, IMPACT credit cards, local purchases, and handled 3 Financial Liability of Investigation Property Loss (FLIP) cases.
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