Click the appropriate link for MOS-specific examples. Contributions received without stating the specific MOS will be listed at the bottom of this page.

MOS 88 General

88A Transportation Officer

88H Cargo Specialist

88K Watercraft Operator

88L Watercraft Engineer

88M Motor Transport Operator

88N Traffic Management Coordinator

88P Railway Equipment Repairer

88T Railway Section Repairer

88U Railway Operations Crew Member

88Z Transportation Senior Sergeant

Contributions without MOS or duty title stated will be listed below.

  • I constructed and installed blocking and bracing, ensuring the secure transportation of multiple commercial loads of explosive munitions.
  • I volunteered for rear detachment roles, where I maintained unit training, readiness, and equipment accountability.
  • I led convoy preparation, providing commanders with exceptional guidance and leveraging my experience.
  • I diligently tracked and kept PMCSs up to date, effectively preventing unit vehicle failures.
  • I conducted Deployment and Distribution operations at multiple CONUS installations, facilitating forward movement to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • I played a crucial role in deploying fifteen Brigade Combat Teams, enabling safe and swift forward movement.
  • I mobilized and deployed to Haiti, supporting Operation Unified Response.
  • I coordinated the deployment of a BCT from Fort Carson to Fort Bliss, successfully moving over 200 equipment items and rolling stock, covering a distance of over 3,500 miles.
  • On two separate occasions, I redeployed the Battalion and skillfully managed the unit’s RESET program, which involved twenty-four AH64-D Apache Attack Helicopters, prime movers, and all air and ground support equipment.
  • I efficiently relocated the unit from the National Training Center to Fort Riley without any loss of government equipment.
  • I took charge and established the Detachment’s Family Support Program from scratch.
  • As a member of the highly trained and motivated White HET Escort team attached to the 180th Transportation Battalion, I played an essential role.
  • I made significant contributions to the successful receipt, transport, and delivery of over 3,000 pieces of tactical and non-tactical equipment throughout the theater of operations in Kuwait.
  • During annual training in 2013, I provided training support and guidance to the cook section, motor pool, and range without any external assistance.
  • I ensured accurate accountability of all tactical equipment assigned to the unit.
  • I recruited a civilian FRG team, establishing a robust Family Support Network.
  • I excelled during the 21st Theater Sustainment Command Staff Assisted Visit (SAV) inspection, receiving high marks due to my meticulous attention to detail.
  • I provided guidance to company SHARP representatives on standard bulletin boards, security protocols, and training materials.
  • I served as the Administrator of the Centralized Flight Record System (CAFRS).
  • While serving as the interim Readiness NCO, I collaborated with state-level medical providers to implement and enforce proper Flight Physical processes.
  • I fostered a positive esprit de corps and strengthened morale within the unit.
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