• Demonstrates unmatched competence as an Operations NCO and is regarded as one of the best in the Division.
  • Committed to making the **BN one of the top units in **** Division, resulting in universal success.
  • Performs duties with the expertise and experience of a seasoned Master Sergeant.


  • Mentored over 100 new recruits in the Virginia Army National Guard, ensuring their preparedness for Basic Combat Training.
  • Selected to serve as acting Senior Operations NCOIC, an E-8 position, during a three-month period.
  • Took a personal interest in developing and improving the reenlistment skill set of the BN, paying close attention to detail.
  • Sets the example by achieving expert qualification on both the rifle and pistol ranges.


  • Takes advantage of training and professional growth opportunities.
  • Assists in providing non-existent training for the Sponsorship program, resulting in a 25% increase in retention rates.

Responsibility & Accountability

  • Demonstrates great concern for the security and accountability of all assigned equipment.
  • Shows refusal to communicate with leadership about intent to ETS and relocates without providing required contact information.

Battery Reenlistment NCO

  • First to meet and exceed 2-17 Field Artillery retention objectives for Fiscal Year 2012.

MEPS Guidance Counselor

  • Achieved 2nd place in a national ranking of all MEPS locations for ship rate quality control.
  • Attention to detail and continuous support of applicants enabled a top 55% floor conversion rate.
  • Provided sound support to RTC sites across the state by briefing warriors on shipper expectations.

Detailed Recruiter

  • Motivates Future Soldiers with outstanding mentorship and guidance, resulting in three accelerated promotions prior to initial entry training.
  • Delivers 7 HPSP applicants and leads the Houston Center in HPSP applicants processed.
  • Tracks all RSP Soldiers, ensuring Soldier readiness and 100% ship rate.

Station Commander

  • Demonstrates exceptional knowledge in technical skills and abilities, instrumental in achieving 134% mission accomplishment in the 4th QTR FY09.
  • Ranked number two out of 31 recruiting stations in the battalion for mission accomplishment in the 4th QTR FY09.
  • Submits 33 referrals to Cadet Command, exceeding the company’s YTD special mission by 18 and increasing synergy between Cadet Command and USAREC.
  • Leads the recruiting station to achieve honors as Company Top Station in the 4th QTR FY09 and 1st QTR FY10.
  • Spearheads the end-of-year push, leading to the station achieving 100% of its Regular Army and Army Reserve recruiting objective for FY09.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills that enable the first sergeant to capitalize on capabilities in her absence.
  • Scores 100% on the Digital Training Management System exam, selected as the company’s primary DTMS administrator and trainer.
  • Commended by the Brigade Family Advocacy Program Coordinator for administering Victim Advocacy and POSH training to the company.
  • Trains three Soldiers resulting in two Soldiers earning the Gold Recruiter Ring and one Soldier earning the Glenn E. Morrell Order of Recruiting Excellence.
  • Achieves a 96% applicant processing efficiency rate while serving as the First Sergeant.
  • Manages the largest unit fund budget within the battalion, resulting in the most successful family holiday party in over six years.
  • Encourages Soldiers in the station to develop themselves personally and professionally, resulting in five Soldiers enrolling in college.
  • Relentlessly enforces recruiter prospecting techniques, leading to a 30% increase in SA production for the recruiting station.
  • Assists the Company in achieving honors as Battalion Top USAR production for Fiscal Year 2008.
  • Demonstrates extreme competence, performing all assigned duties above standards.
  • Accomplishes self-development refresher training, resulting in a 113% combined volume for Army Reserve production in the 1st QTR FY09.
  • Builds strong, cohesive teams with an unmatched work ethic and dedication to mission, Soldiers, and their families.
  • Mentors the Future Soldier manager, resulting in a 94% retention rate.
  • Trains Team Leaders on Market Penetration, resulting in a 5% increase in GSA market from the previous fiscal year.
  • Aggressively challenges Soldiers to perform to their potential, resulting in three recruiters earning the Recruiting Ring for recruiting excellence.
  • Uses dynamic training techniques to increase floor conversion to 83%, exceeding the USAREC standard.
  • Encourages four of fourteen recruiters to attend college, resulting in 26 credit hours earned.
  • Maintains 100% accountability of all assigned equipment valued at over $350,000.
  • Readily accepts responsibility for failure and gives credit for success to subordinates.
  • Earns the Glenn E. Morrell Order of Recruiting Excellence, the highest award in recruiting.
  • Attends college and earns 15 semester hours towards a Bachelor’s Degree with a 4.0 GPA.
  • Demonstrates technical proficiency as an NCO, setting the standard for Soldiers to follow.
  • Leads the station to increase the Army’s share of DOD enlistments from 44% in the 1st QTR FY09 to 47% in the 1st QTR FY10.
  • Spearheads the end-of-year push, leading the team to achieve 116% of its Regular Army and Army Reserve recruiting objective for FY09.
  • Adapts exceptionally well in an ever-changing, highly stressful environment.
  • Trains three Soldiers resulting in one Soldier earning the Gold Recruiter Ring and two Soldiers earning the Glenn E.
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